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what will help me lose weight fast?

okay, im 17, 5’3, i weight 140 pounds. im a cheerleader. im going to be trying out for college cheer here in a few months. i wanna weight 110 pounds. do i weigh to much? and what is something easy and fast for me to do to lose weight when i only have like 3 months to do this? please help!

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9 Responses to “what will help me lose weight fast?”

  1. hewesdilg said :

    No matter how you lose the weight it will always come back unless you do it the correct way. Its simple. You have to burn more calories than you take in. Just do it. Give up 6 months of your life to make the rest of it great.

  2. Katie Ferrito said :

    look up healthy recipes and you need to excersise. i know its the same old stuff but it does work! you just need to push yourself!

  3. Alexandra said :

    It’s totally possible to lost 30 pounds in 3 months, but there’s no reason to weight 110 pounds. Trust me, that is too little! You need to start eating healthy food, and exercising. Don’t restrict, don’t diet, but eat healthfully and be active and your body will reach its natural weight.

    Try this:

    Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal cooked in 1 cup water, topped with a sliced banana and 1 tbs peanut butter. Have a cup of coffee (with caffeine) and about 1/4 cup milk stirred in.

    Morning snack: 1 ounce pretzels, 2 tablespoons almonds, 1/4 cup dried fruit (or 1/2 cup fresh fruit)

    Lunch: Wrap made from 1 whole wheat tortilla, 2 ounces chicken or turkey, a handful of spinach, tomato slices, and mustard or low fat ranch dressing. Have an apple with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter along with 2/3 cup baby carrots. Have a diet coke, Crystal Light, Hot tea, or seltzer water to drink.

    Afternoon snack: 1/2 cup low fat yogurt, 1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit, ice

    Dinner: 2/3 cup cooked/seasoned beans, 2/3 cup brown rice, side salad (made with spinach or romaine, not iceberg!) and low fat dressing.

    dessert: 1/2 cup Jello with fresh fruit mixed in, 2 tablespoons fat free Cool whip, 1/2 cup low-fat ice cream!

    Walk 3 miles and lift weights. As you get stronger, slowly incorporate running into your walk. (after two weeks, run 1 mile, walk two. After 4 weeks, run 1/2 and walk 1/2, and increase it by 1/2 mile every 2 weeks. Then run every day until you reach your goal weight.) After you reach your goal weight, cut back your exercise to every other day, and eat intuitively. Nothing is off limits, but always remember that you SHOULD eat healthy foods.

  4. fay maxson said :

    try 5 smaller meals a day consisting of lean meats, vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

  5. Taylor Nelson said :

    Do you want to lose 15 pounds fast? Would that be pounds of fat, water or muscle?

    You see, when people talk about losing weight, they don’t always comprehend exactly what that means. Most people automatically connect weight with fat, but that’s not accurate.

    If you want to lose 15 pounds just so it looks better on the scale readout, then it probably doesn’t matter whether you lose fat, water or muscle. If you want to lose that extra bulge around your middle, then you’re looking to lose 15 pounds of fat fast.

    Regardless of whether you want to lose fat or pounds, it’s important to know that water makes up part of that loss. In fact, during the first few days of any diet, water makes up the majority of loss.

    There are countless sites on the internet that claim to be able to show you how to lose 15 pounds fast. What they don’t always tell you is that losing weight fast can be dangerous to your health. Of course, it all depends on what you consider ‘fast’. For some people, a month would be fast while others see it as something more immediately, like a few days or a week.

    The most realistic goal would be to lose 15 pounds in a month, because that’s far more achievable. Still, it can be risky if you don’t approach your weight loss correctly.

    If you want to lose 15 pounds fast, it can’t be all water, which is the easiest to shed. Your body needs water to survive. Deprive it of too much water and it will begin to break down.

    Starvation or near starvation isn’t the answer either. In fact, not eating will cause your body to retain and even gain weight. When your body isn’t getting enough nutrients, warnings go off. In a desperate effort to survive, it hangs onto everything you feed it, which adds weight.

    The best way to lose 15 pounds fast is by eating foods such as meat that use more of your energy to digest it. You could eat nothing but meat, but that wouldn’t be healthy either. Your body needs a well-rounded diet that provides all the required nutrients. You can eat a well-balanced diet and still lose weight if you know which foods to choose.

    Before starting your weight loss plan, take measurements of your body including your weight and fat content. Special callipers (usually part of a weight loss or fitness center’s tool kit) are used to measure fatty tissue on various areas of your body. Keep these figures handy so you can see your progress.

    Here are some things you can do to lose 15 pounds fast.

    1) Avoid foods that cause water retention, like salt. Cut back on salt and you’ll begin to shed weight.

    2) Eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day to keep your body’s digestive process working.

    3) Add foods that use more energy to digest, including meat, chicken, salmon, asparagus, cheese, carrots, squash and green beans.

    4) Drink water throughout the day as this helps boost your metabolism.

    5) Exercise to build muscle, because muscle increases your metabolism naturally.

    Re-take your measurements about every week or two and if you aren’t seeing results, adjust your weight loss plan accordingly.

    Stay loyal to your plan and you can lose 15 pounds fast.

    And finally, you can benefit greatly by following a comprehensive eating and exercise plan. Try this proven program to lose weight and keep it off forever.

  6. Noelle Blake said :

    Here is me 2 cents,I recommend to only weigh you self once a month, gaining weight and losing fat can go hand and hand, muscle increases while you burn fat. So you may notice you fit better in to your jeans or shirt. Also depends on water retention, did you take any supplements, or last time you weigh your self it was in the morning and maybe this time it was at night. So it all depends. But don’t beat your self up about it. If you are eating right and working out you will see results. So put the scale away and maybe even take a picture every 30days and weight your self also and you will notice the difference. Hit me up on my youtube account if you have any questions or would like me to help you achieve your goal. Peace

    All opinions are meant for anyone that is 18 years of age or older. If you are a viewer searching for a answer and under the age of 18 please ask you parents for advice.

  7. Bottom Top said :

    There are more tips and info.

    Some say low carb. Some say high carb. Some say it’s how much food. Some say it’s how much exercise. But none of these covers the whole picture.

    How to lose weight naturally is not rocket science. It just takes accepting the facts of these seven natural laws of weight loss, plus good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.

    Seven Laws of How to Lose Weight Naturally

    1. Make a commitment to whatever it takes.
    2. Start from a foundation of happiness.
    3. Design your own healthy diet plan.
    4. Manage your emotions.
    5. Find a way to exercise daily.
    6. Keep a Journal.
    7. Be persistent.

    Good Luck and Take care 🙂

  8. Cohen Caldwell said :

    Good question. My advice to anyone in this boat would be to watch Isabel De Los Rios’ video (free). I’ve put the link below so you don’t have to go searching all over the place. Good luck and take care!

  9. Deepak Agrawal said :

    Do not pop any pills.
    Use simple tips like below for loosing weight.

    Fill up on fiber.

    You can curb your hunger by increasing your intake of dietary fiber, which is filling, so you feel full but eat less. For these diet tips,

    experts recommend eating more fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals.


    Drinking a volume of water will increase your metabolism and this is what you want to take place if you want to lose weight. So,

    realistically, if you drink about a gallon of H20 per day, you can rid yourself of ten pounds in a week. If you speed up your

    metabolism, it stands to reason that you’re going to start burning calories and resultantly lose weight.

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