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Why is it im dieting but im not losing weight on my stomach?

I’ve been dieting for about 3 months and i dont think i have lost any weight especially in the stomach area any ideas how to help this?

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12 Responses to “Why is it im dieting but im not losing weight on my stomach?”

  1. porcelina_68 said :

    Belly fat is harder to lose than fat in other areas of the body. Check out some ab exercises.

  2. dukeofspace said :

    It’s the hardest area to lose weight from, especially as we get older. Try some exercise to tone up the area.

  3. alanastarkey said :

    Some pockets of fat will not go away naturally.

    Liposuction is the only cure.

  4. Psiren17 said :

    I joined Weight Watchers and have lost just over a stone since the end of June. I’m pretty chuffed with that but still have the stubborn belly roll that wont go away!

    My gym instructor person says the only way to get rid is to keep on with the diet but also do some stomach crunches and press ups.

    Good luck!

  5. Mr Chops said :

    Forget diets,,eat what you want but get up and do some sit ups every morning for two weeks and your stomach will eventually flatten,,I recommend between 5 and 10 sit ups per day,,try it you might just suprise yourself

  6. Camilla1UK said :

    Oh God just like me, but I am lazy and don’t exercise so I have stopped driving to work and even doing housework , anything to speed up the motabolism and its working and I am going back to yoga to get firmed up and clear my brain. And you know in your own heart that you have to do sit ups or crunches for your belly – its the only way to get rid of it quickly. I was 9st. 9lb. and now 8st. 9lb, but its only exercise that will work now – honestly I have done it before. Good luck let me know how you get on. XX

  7. dananas said :


  8. jwjeepers62 said :

    Yes, you have left out the word “exercise”
    “Diet and exercise” go together like “food and water.” <}:-})

  9. sony said :

    you need to exercise diet alone doesnt reall work long term do stomach crunches i have been doing them for 4 weeks now and a lot of people comment on my waist line shrinking good luck and dont give up think of that little black number for christmas

  10. tigger said :

    cardi vascular
    you need to do exercise to efficiently urn fat layers

  11. the mazda mechanic said :

    There was an exercise video that used to be advertised on late night TV. I never got the video, but would do two of the exercises that they showed. One was bending over and reaching behind you as if you are picking up a heavy bag. Then throw it away from you to the front. Alternate sides.

    The second exercise was kicking with one leg and at the same time twisting and raising the opposite arm. Alternate legs. I did a 100 count of each exercise, usually once a day. It made a huge difference. I am 61 years old.

  12. west said :

    You can’t spot train & you can’t pick where the fat is going to come off of. Belly fat is the hard to lose. While you are dieting, are you doing any exercising? Try some cardio to speed up the process.


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