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How can I make my stomach flat, without losing weight?

I am quite slim, but the area from just below my ribcage to my hipbones bulges significantly. I do not want to lose weight. How can I make that area flat?

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15 Responses to “How can I make my stomach flat, without losing weight?”

  1. star said :


  2. ndstrss said :

    do crunches.

  3. mel said :

    Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you can lose your tummy flab and become more toned. The bad news is that, in order to do this, you must reduce the amount of fat you have all over your body, not just in your stomach. You see, spot reduction, or the ability to lose fat in one specific area, is a myth. However, you can help tone specific regions through exercise.

  4. holden said :

    belt sander, coarse grain paper, then follow up with fine grain

  5. latterdaylady said :

    wear a girdle, walmart sells them, all different kinds

  6. I don't know said :

    you must get your abs ripped, that will tighten everything up.

  7. Fatal said :

    Core exercises on a gym ball are nice and easy and will do the job just fine.

  8. chinrasu said :

    Do ‘Sudharshan kiriya’; you will reach your goal.

  9. Greedo79 said :

    Zoey, I can’t offer miracles but I do crunches once a day whilst listening to the radio or a favourite CD (so it’s less irksome). Over time the results are quite good.

  10. Charley G said :

    Maybe you are getting bloated due to certain foods you eat, such as white bread, pasta etc. see if you have a food intolerance. If you drink, cut down on the alcohol. Otherwise try and do some abdominal exercises.

  11. Sandy said :

    for useful information on popular topics look at:
    look under exercise and weight loss options to answer your question.

  12. meditrex said :

    Hi. You said in your post that you are quite slim but nonetheless report an abdominal bulge. You are most likely female and your protruding abdomen is unlikely due to excessive fat (women accumulate fat around the hips whilst men accumulate fat on the abdomen – the famous Guinness Goiter). Therefore, diet will not be useful. Toning may help but exclude sit ups. As a female, your baby belly might be secondary to an increased low back curve due to poor posture. How about standing sideways in front of a mirror without a top on: does the curve of your abdomen correspond to the curve of your back? If so, try to stand with your back to a wall and: 1) stand tall without raising the chest, 2) perform a pelvic tilt and attempt to flatten your back to the wall, 3) tuck you tummy in as if you were putting on a tight pair of jeans. That should flatten your abdomen. The hard part is staying like this all day 🙂 . Perseverance is the key.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Platinum said :

    come an deat my wife’s “cooking”… it’ll make anyone’s tomach flat in no

  14. jen t said :
  15. jaygirl said :

    I used to have the same problem which seems common to the women in my family. I found that eating bread made my stomach bloat and also pasta and beans so I cut them out, sometimes I eat 10% rye bread. It really helped. Also I do 30 minutes of cardio 3/4 times a week and stomach exercices ie crunches as well as my stomach is as flat as it can be. Pilates classes are also fantastic and it focuses on your stomach.


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