Why do women have a more diffcult time dieting than men?

It seems to me like the majority of the people on here are women, not men looking to lose weight, and in general also

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3 Responses to “Why do women have a more diffcult time dieting than men?”

  1. Duirmuid said:

    it seems so that women are more obsessed with their weight than men and are more in competition with other women to stay stick thin because I dont know any man who likes stick thin women.

    Women diet in competition with other women rather than for what men think, and I think they are completely boring.

  2. Pete said:

    Young women are pressured to look a certain way. look at all the fashion magazines, all anorexic female models. Alot of young girls, unfortunately want to look like an unhealthy model.
    Doesn’t make sence, does it?
    Im a male, i went to try on a 32 Versace jeans, and guess what? didn’t fit, not because my waist is large, the cut was small! CK 32 was good. Boss 32 ok. Diesel 32 to large.
    Go figure!

  3. JC said:

    Women have a harder time with weight gain since the metabolism is different than a man. There are hormone changes a woman goes through, pregnancies, etc that effect the weight. And oddly, men simply dont care as much as women do about their weight unless they are extremely obese. It has to do with how we look at ourselves and women have a tendency to be more critical, as does society about overweight women.


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