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How to lose weight and get more muscular at the same time?

Im 14 and i weigh about 160 pounds and also im about 5 foot 8/9.
I know im fat, and everyone makes fun of me about it, even my own family and i want to know how to lose weight and prove them wrong. Im a vegetarian which means i don’t eat meat, no eggs, fish, chicken etc. I also want to get bigger muscles. My goal is to get somewhat of abs before summer ends. So what should i do?

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2 Responses to “How to lose weight and get more muscular at the same time?”

  1. B MAN said :

    You need to start with cardio. Run and ride a bike…a lot.

    You also need to start lifting or doing pushups. Go to your library and go get a book on weightlifting.

    As far as your diet goes, you need to eat TONS of nuts and beans. That will be your only source of protein since you’re a veggie-man. Protein builds muscle.

  2. AllisonN said :

    Keep in mind that you are only 14, and your body will take some time to get to what you have in mind. But a great way to get started losing that weight is to do a couple simple things: cardio at least 3 or 4 times a week (40 minutes to an hour of swimming, running, biking, hiking, etc), cut out soda, and eat sweets sparingly (you don’t want to drive yourself crazy by saying you can never have them). Once you have lost some pounds, you’ll want to start doing weight training, and if you really want to build muscle, use more than your body weight (don’t just rely on pushups and situps if you want results). And to get that lean look you want, you’ll need some source of protein. As a vegetarian you can get that through nuts, avocados, etc. I’ll attach a couple links that I have found very useful, read the articles in the fitness link, they are great.
    Good luck and have FUN getting fit! 🙂 Remember, you are still very young, and results don’t happen in just a few weeks- it takes dedication and time!


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