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How can I lose weight and avoid sagging skin at the same time?

I need to lose weight but afraid that I will have the saggy skin that many people who lose a lot of weight have. Don’t want to have surgery so I need to know the most effective possible way of avoiding skin sagging.

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight and avoid sagging skin at the same time?”

  1. aolsoxfan07 said :

    cadio exercise

  2. Capricorn said :


  3. Kayliegh said :

    ok, you have to do it the right way, which means no pills, or speacial diets.
    you need to eat right[ healty]
    and excersize.
    i no it gets extremy annoying and it will be slower, but i works. it serisoully is the smartest saftest way to go=]

    good luck=]]

  4. LANEY said :

    LOSE NO MORE THAN 2 LBS A WEEK. also make sue you drink lots of water and moisturize

  5. Serialmom12 said :

    excercise daily!!

  6. Mike W said :

    toneing the parts which are more liable to sagging, like your belly area, by sit ups, just some simple exercises should do the job

  7. the_only_solorose said :

    regular exercise tones the skin as well as the muscles, so if you lose your weight slowly and gradually and keep up regular exercise like walking or biking, and your skin will tone up as well as the muscles beneath the skin. You may still have some sagging, but not nearly as much as you would if you lose the weight quickly and don’t exercise as part of your routine.

  8. Pop-Tart said :

    Try eating low fat diary products. Like, 2% low fat milk…if you drink 24 oz a day you will slowly lose weight and that way you wouldn’t get any saggy skin. Also, try taking a walk for like 20 minutes a day or something. It will slowly tackle down your weight problem.

  9. Mhtsos said :

    No easy way on this,it takes exercise:)


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