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Why am i not gaining muscle and how can I?

I go to the gym every day and i do excerises like running for 1 hour and lifting weights for 1 hour as well but I am not gaining weight, losing weight, or gaining muscle. I have very high metabolism how can i get more muscle? I eat lots of meat and beans to get protein.

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5 Responses to “Why am i not gaining muscle and how can I?”

  1. ???? said :

    You will have to add lots of carbs, especially if you have a fast metabolism.

  2. twistedhat said :

    read the max ot training program by ast sports science it will tell you everything you need to know about lifting and gaining muscle and weight just type it in google

  3. Matthew A said :

    Increase your calorie intake by a couple hundred every week or so until you find the sweet spot where you can get maximum gain. Be sure to eat a high protein snack/supplement before and after each workout as well, and you should see results eventually. You seem to be doing alright as it is, I’m sure you’ll see muscle growth eventually. Muscle gaining is always difficult when you first start, your body may still be adjusting.

  4. Patrick said :

    work only one muscle group a day. See, when you work out, what you are really doing is ripping apart your muscles. Your body doesn’t like this one bit, and as a result, reconstructs your worked muscles even stronger than before…but that takes one or two days to fully finish. If you work the same muscles day after day, you do more harm than good because you keep destroying the constructive process.

    So, what works great for me is:
    Day 1- Chest
    Day2 – Biceps
    Day 3- Back
    Day 4 – Triceps
    day 5 – Legs

    Each morning I work my abs, and day 1, 3, 5, i do cardio after working out.

    Drink a protein shake/supplement once you finish for maximum gains. Whey Protein is easily available and helps out a TON

  5. babyboo said :

    well try looking at the sugars it has and the cholesterol it has because some meats and beans also have sugars and cholesterol so maybe thats your problem.


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