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When you are on a slimming diet do you fatter before you get thinner?

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10 Responses to “When you are on a slimming diet do you fatter before you get thinner?”

  1. sweetlipsy69 said :

    no not usually . if i diet i tend to lose it straight away , but unfortunately i lose it from my bust first lol.

  2. cute chick said :

    Varies from people to people read some useful weight loss tips and more on this site to help you with it

  3. *LuNa* said :

    I don’t think so.

  4. The brainteaser said :

    well it depends if you eat 10 bars of chocolate each day, when you start the diet. Also can depend what type of diet it is. Try the Mcdonald beefburger diet, you just eat 20 big macs a day, for 2 years, then you will be really fat, then stop eating, and I am sure that you will losse weight from the first moment you start your diet.

    So, good luck with either my friend

  5. mr conker said :

    no you tend to lose the weight right away.

  6. afatninja said :

    no , u do not get fatter and then lose weight ,
    if u go on a diet and do excersice,u will lose weight fast at first, then it will slow,, you then may put some weight back on, but this is not fat , this is muscle, that u are gaining as u become more fit.. u have to exercise, to burn fat , and to burn calories to lose any decent amount of weight,,
    good luck..

  7. mar said :

    I think you just feel fatter because you are dieting and you are bloated from fruit or water? keep going it will work dont give up it will all be worth it in the end. best of luck

  8. Princess415 said :

    If you are exercising too, you might get a little bit heavier to begin with (not much though) as muscle is heavier than fat. But you’ll soon start to lose the weight if you are eating properly as the new muscle will burn more calories too.

  9. Barbara C said :

    you gain muscle mass if you are working out, but you should focus on inches lost not pounds, after my 3rd child I stayed at the same weight for about a month straight, but was losing inches quickly. I measure everywhere and then re-measure weekly at the same exact time on the same day. I know it is hard not to worry about the numbers on the scale, but some models weigh quite a bit since it is solid muscle.

  10. MSMORTGAGE said :

    Only if you are on the seefood diet lol


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