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WHat is the best slimming aid?

I need to diet for a wedding next year and I need assistance – I just cannot do it on my own! Has anyone had good experience with slimming aids?

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5 Responses to “WHat is the best slimming aid?”

  1. TinTin said :


  2. The Abyss said :

    do not take slimming pills, they are dangerous.

    the best way to loose weight imo is through a healthy diet and reducing calories sensibly.

  3. The Wail of a Banshee said :

    Just diet and exercise really ,what ever you do don’t go for the fat loss for idiots .I tried that and my uric acid levels rose so high that I ended up with high blood pressure and a hiatus hernia and had to eat an alkaline diet (you can eat loads )and walk for 1/2 hour each day .And to my surprise I have lost 4 stone and all my stats are back to normal,but it taken 9 months .
    I still stick to my diet but eat more and walk every other day and I only lose about a pound or 2 a month now as I don’t have much to lose.There’s no harm in giving it a try ,the diet makes you feel so much better ,with lots of energy .Good luck what ever you decide.

  4. Martyn said :

    The best slimming aids are a healthy diet using good-quality protein, wholegrain carbs and lots of fruit and vegetables. Also exercise more.

    Slimming aids are at best toxic to your bank balance, and worst, just plain toxic. Avoid them.

    Good luck!!

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