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whats the best stupid way to lose weight fast?

i want to be too thin.
I want to get there quickly.
please dont advise me against it …i need to be sexable …
so yer ill do anything apart from make myself sick and swallow cotton wool .
lol yes it should go in the dicktionary
‘sexable’ adj – to be aluring and make both girls and guys crash their cars

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20 Responses to “whats the best stupid way to lose weight fast?”

  1. Shouty dad said :


  2. vambo the fourth said :

    Crack cocaine?

  3. Rhianna said :

    LOL ‘sexable’?

    Look, I’m sorry but there are no quick and easy fixes to weight loss. You need a healthy, balanced, reduced calorie diet and plenty of vigorous exercise DAILY.

  4. Dave said :

    gastric bypass surgery

  5. Lozza said :

    Don’t eat, just drink water and take vitamin and nutrien tablets, and put some of that protein stuff in your water and some of that fibre stuff. You can get them from Julian Graves

  6. Hurts so good said :

    Chopping off one of your limbs would loose you a fair bit and be pretty stupid

  7. bfarl33 said :

    Stop eating and only drink water. You’ll be thin (and dead) in no time.

  8. Snowboard Zombie said :


  9. Northern Michigan Paranormal said :

    Work out hard every day and eat lots of fish and citrus. Drink water not pop. You will be sexable in 20 days.

    Or stay like you are and give your dates lots of alcohol.

  10. Miniskirt male said :

    Die that will lose some serious weight. You did ask for a stupid way!

  11. Hannibal the Cannibal said :

    Because being sick and full of wool is sexable?

    Being sexy is being healthy. Healthy people are sexy. That’s why toned bodies with great abs, shoulders, legs, and butts are so desired and popular.

    You will NOT get that by being “thin” and doing it “quickly.”

    Basically, you want to be attractive, but you want advice on how to look unattractive. Sorry sister, but if you’re too damn lazy to do the work for a great body, you DO NOT DESERVE a great body!

  12. Cole E said :

    Maybe you should have started to think about this question a long time ago. Nobody gets fat overnight and nobody gets skinny overnight.

  13. lennox said :

    Oh please this is the most stupid thing i have heard. If you wanna loose weight quicky then dont eat at all but be warned you could end up in hospital seriously undernourished along with all sorts of other health problems, so if you want to risk that then go ahead. But why not take the sensible route and diet properly and go to the gym you’ll look much sexier with a firm toned bod than looking like you’ve been dug up.

  14. luffpuff101 said :

    You could do what I did, just don’t eat for a week.

    I did it cos I was depressed and I lost loads of weight…

    But you shouldn’t try to lose weight fast, you need to do it slowly, at your own pace

  15. Dr Frank said :

    I am certainly not going to encourage anyone looking for fast unsafe and extreme weight loss.

  16. ,but i feel like a millionaire. said :

    eat sand

  17. Jamie-lee A said :

    Best stupid way? then it wouldn’t be the best would it? :s

  18. vinsarshi said :

    Cut back on carbs(will leave you feeling miserable)
    play DDR
    get on a soup diet.

  19. mansionghost said :

    try the Lil Jack workout its pretty easy

  20. fabio e said :

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