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Whats a weightloss system I can get my wife for christmas so she can start to lose weight, one that works well?

I want to let her now that she has been getting heavier and less attractive with out being the bad guy and actually saying it.

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14 Responses to “Whats a weightloss system I can get my wife for christmas so she can start to lose weight, one that works well?”

  1. Kenleigh should be here 3/23 :) said :

    well, you can just shove all of her food in your BIG MOUTH!!! im sure it would fit…

    troll, isnt it past your bedtime??

  2. Amber said :

    You are sooo not going there, seriously a weightloss system for CHRISTMAS?????? she will prob. smack you. I would sugest just talking to her about it but no matter what you do its going to hurt her feelings.

  3. Scrambled Face said :

    🙁 kinda mean don’t you think?
    dont get her that for CHRISTMAS! jeez!
    if i were you i would get 2 pass’s to a gym for you and her, dont let her do it on her own
    support her, dont be a jerk :/

  4. Kell*s said :

    Tell her you plan on starting something and want her to do it with you to keep you motivated and so you can spend time together. Get a membership for the two of you to somewhere but make sure you tell her she’s beautiful just the way that she is but you just want her company. The only way I would get her any weigh loss systems for christmas is if she asked for one or showed interest in one. If a commercials on for something and you guys are watching tv ask her if she thinks it actually works and if she shows interest in it then get it for her.

  5. shir said :

    I sure hope you aren’t serious. That is not a “gift”, that is an insult wrapped in pretty paper. I’m sure your wife isn’t stupid and is well aware of her weight. You should love her for who she is, not for how she looks.

  6. happy_apple said :

    You really want her to lose weight without hurting her feelings? Diet and exercise with her, even if you’re slim.

    By the way, a weight loss plan for Christmas would really hurt her feelings.

  7. Cece said :

    Maybe you and her should go walking or running in your free time or work out together.

    Don’t give her pills or nething like that

  8. Jami V said :

    dude….seriously? she would probably leave you if you got her this for christmas.

  9. Juzz ♥ ♥ baby due early april♥ ♥ said :

    this makes you seem like the bad guy. buy her something special for christmas plus those weight loss things don’t always work and usually is a waste of money. Take her walking and start doing more active things with her and eat healthy. A good diet and balance with exercise will do the trick. If you have a problem it’s best to discus it with her and not shut it out and give hints like that as it can be taken the wrong way.

  10. 2 boys and baby on the way said :

    thats really mean! for some reason i think this is a troll or some really rude man, if you really love your wife you wouldnt care if she packed on a few pounds. if my boyfriend got me this id be pissed! if you care about her health because she packed on alot of wieght just say to her one day hey im gonna start excersizing and was hoping you would like to join me. definitly not as a xmas presents stick to the jewelry or electronics.

  11. Abryan<3 said :

    Wow I wish you could get pregnant and then have someone make you feel less attractive. I think maybe inside you may trying to be sincere? I could be wrong idk.
    If she has mentioned it, get her a gym membership, but as a xmas present??? I dont think a weightloss system is a nice present.
    She is allready feeling less confident. Offer to buy it for her later and only if she wants it. When she is ready to get her body back she will work out and eat good.
    There is no need for weightloss systems that deprive you of needed nutrients. Only exercise will do it.
    Give her as much time as she needs , your kinda being a bully.

  12. 33 weeks and so excited said :

    a nice way would be to get a gym membership for the both of you and suggest you go together to spend time together and get healthier any other way will land you in the dog house

  13. Xiang said :

    In addition to everything that抯 been discussed before, eating protein helps you burn more calories. Jeff Hample, Ph.D., R.D., a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association says that, “Protein is made up mainly of amino acids, which are harder for your body to breakdown, so you burn more calories getting rid of them.?
    Just think ?eating a protein rich snack can help you lose weight. How about a few slices of turkey or ham or some string cheese?
    Eating protein will also help you feel full so that you are less likely to crave unhealthy snacks.

  14. hjhjmn said :

    Do certain foods increase your metabolism rate and eventually make you lose weight?
    A wide range of foods or food products derived from them affects one’s metabolism rate to some extent. Some foods are proven to increase metabolism and eventually contribute to weight loss. On top of this list, we have black tea, tea, caffeine, coffee, calcium, chili (capsaicin), conjugated linoleic acid, ginger, fish oil, medium chain triglycerides, flax oil, various herbs and spices and extra protein.


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