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What’d the best and fastest way you’ve lost weight?

I don’t want to hear “blah blah blah losing weight fast is unhealthy” or anything like that. I want to know how those of you out there have lost weight quickly. Don’t answer unless you are going to give me a real answer.

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9 Responses to “What’d the best and fastest way you’ve lost weight?”

  1. Lovin my Army Man said :

    Cabbage soup diet!!!!

    Sucks a ton but works great!!!!

  2. ex-marine said :

    I’m starving! That’s why! I’m gonna stop at 115 pounds. This girl motivates me. SHE starves. She stated at over 160 pounds. She’s at 133 pounds now. Read what she said in her blog. It’s MOTIVATING! (By the way, if you wanna be starving buddies, email me!)

    “Weight 135.2 this morning… I’ve lost 8 pounds in a week… Also lost 2 inches from my waist… 1 inch from my hips… 1/2 inch from my thigh… 1/2 inch from my calf… 1/4 inch from my arm… I’ll take it… Or should I say, I’ll let it go… Happily… Let’s see, this is Day 8 without food… Lovin’ it… It truly gets easier every day… I wonder how many days I can not eat… It’s going to be fascinating to find out… I don’t have any intention to eat anything any time soon… Hey, this is what Pro Ana Land is all about… Yes, I do continue to enjoy my beverages… Subsisting on caffeine and alcohol… Lovin’ it… An ideal Pro Ana Week… Let’s have another… And another… And another…”

    “Weight 138.4 this morning… Down 1.4 pounds since yesterday… Hoped for more weight loss than that, but hey, it’s somethin’… I really want quick weight loss… Wanna weigh 101 by July 4th… Independence Day, when I am finally free of fat… I’m doing all I can to make that vision my reality… Exercising to burn fat… Subsisting on caffeine and alcohol… Creating systems to help me stay focused… Today I plan to expand my new Pro Ana Land notebook… Yeah, I started that yesterday… It’s a black binder, and I put black paper inside, where I can write my Pro Ana thoughts in cool metallic gel ink… I’m thinkin’ I’ll add some kind of collage for the front, print-outs of my entries here in this blog, and thinspiration from other pro-ana websites… I’ve gotta stay focused on my goal… Quick weight loss is possible… It’s not only possible, it is happening for me… Quick weight loss is my reality… I easily weigh 101 pounds on or before July 4, 2006… I quickly lose 37.4 pounds in the next 66 days… OK, I just became aware of a little voice that said, “No way that’s possible, you can’t lose that much weight by then”… You know what I say to that voice? HA! WATCH ME…

  3. Naz D said :

    my friend has diabetes..she was 4’11 and weighed 155 pounds, last month she started walking everywhere she used to take her car for one month she walked wherever she needed to go, work, college, shopping!!
    in one month she lost 32 pounds,, we were all so surprised, she is now skinnier, tan, and looks more perfect and beautiful!!
    so i would advise you to eat less and start walking, if you want better results, decrease your eating!!!
    if you do that for one month, i promise you will lose at least 10 pounds that your wont gain unless you eat like a cow!!
    hope i helped!! just do that for only one month and you LOVE the results!

  4. G 中村 said :

    jog or swim a lot

  5. Dany said :

    I just basically went on a 1200cal/day diet….no matter what i ate, chocolate, pastry, fries, burgers, etc….i make sure i don’t go beyond 1200cal/day and if that means skipping breakfast or dinner, i’d do it. Also along with it i made sure i burnt about 1000cal/day for 6days/week (including cardio and strength training). This way i’ve lost about 45lbs…another 45lbs more to go! 🙂

  6. rick said :

    lose your water weight. its what wrestlers do to cut weight. just put a trashbag with arm and neck holes on and wear like 3 pairs of sweats and do workous. you can lose like 10 pounds a day this way… but it is really unhealthy.

  7. Grant said :

    I did an Ox-fam 3-day fast for hunger awareness and lost 8 pounds. I didn’t gain it back, but ugh, it was so gross. My tongue felt coated with a nasty taste and I was grouchy like whoa. I would NOT advise it.

  8. eric said :

    i lost weight by changing how i eat/drink/live overall. i used to drink almost 5 pepsi’s a day, now i only drink pepsi on weekends and only drink 1 at the most. i switched over to water and milk. and i also haven’t had as much ice cream or chocalate or chips or other fattening foods. and i worked out. all you really have to do is workout about 1-2 hours a day or more. but if you want to lose more weight i would sugges at least 3 hours a day.

  9. arvind K said :

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