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whats the most weight youve ever lost in a week?

My dr put me on a drug called reductil after my weight got dangerously high through illness . i lost justover 16 lbs in the first week! though a good bit of that will have been excess fluid i was retaining. has anyone else lost so much so quickly? how soon will it slow to a more regular amount?

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12 Responses to “whats the most weight youve ever lost in a week?”

  1. Suzan D said :

    |Hi i lost 6ilbs on the weight watchers diet in 1 week. So if dieting can do that a drug can definetly make you loose more. That is alot of weight though. Just make sure you get your Blood pressure checked regularly. It should slow down it was probably a bit of a shock to the system!
    If your worried ask your Doc advice.

  2. Cate said :

    whenever you start a diet or whatever, you loose more the first week, then when your body gets used to it, you start to loose less each week. Also, the more you weigh to start with the more youre likely to loose at first. Some guy on fit club lost about 20lbs in one week, but he started at about 30stone! good luck with youre weight loss.

  3. ☼shine☼ said :

    5 pounds

  4. ElectronProbabilityCloud said :

    I lost my dog one week. He was a right heavy bastard. About 3 stone.

  5. incongru said :

    You just can’t beat dysentry for rapid weight loss, I lost over 18 lbs in a week. Mainly fluid though, i must admit.

  6. saffysmum said :

    It will slow down as soon as the fluid is gone! It takes longer to get rid of the fat! It should be a lot less this week if not then I’d see your Doctor! That would be too quick! My daughter is losing about half that now just by eating sensibly and exercise. She’s being monitored by a dietician and her GP who both say she’s doing well! Her initial loss was 15 pounds! Since then its been 6 or 7lbs but she was seriously obese at the start!
    Good Luck with your weight loss program and I hope you reach ‘safe’ level soon!

  7. lyn said :

    i lost 5 lbs on my first week using reductil, then no more than 2lbs per week thereafter.

  8. L E said :

    I was very ill once, and about a stone in about 3 weeks.

    Losing weight quickly is exceptionally bad for you..

    And for all those women on drugs for weight loss – your just lazy…losing weight is easy if done in the right way.

  9. Clare O said :

    i lost a stone in a week but d secret 2dat was gettin my appendix taken out!

  10. sandra r said :

    to the poster who says ‘you are just lazy n its easy to lose weight the right way’ really?? not for everyone its not! wgat about someone who suffers pain anfd mobilty probs that mae day to day actrivites difficult at times let alone extra exercise? thats the position im in! if i could just go thed gym i woul.dont be so judgemental abiout things you know nothing about!

  11. mrs gary barlow said :

    i lost half a stone in a week, i still don’t know how i did it, i assume i just cut down a lot!

  12. cinders said :

    The most i lost was 7lb (half a stone) in one week. I don’t believe in all this paying for weightwatcher clubs etc. A total waste of your money. Why pay just to lose weight? All you have to do is eat a smaller portion of whatever you like. You don’t need to cut out all the cakes,sweets etc, just have them in moderation. Don’t just stick to ‘rabbit’ food cos it won’t work, you’ll be craving something sweet. If you just cut the portions down a little, you will lose weight bit by bit, and it won’t cost you a penny. I lost nearly 3 stone this way, and each time i need to diet a little, i still have the occasional biscuits,cakes, sweets etc. Just cut down the amounts. I also have a little go on my abdom exerciser twice a day for 5 minutes each time. Good Luck to you and well done so far.


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