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What is the best and fastest way to lost weight?

Im tryna lose weight so I can have my perfect body shape for when my birthday come and I can look good. I don’t wanna take no pill, and I can’t sign up at no place like bally’s or Curves because that stuff cost money that I dont have.

SO my question is really how can I lost weight. What kind of exercises can I do? And how long should I exercise every day? And the last thing is do I need sweat in order to know that i’m doing something?

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One Response to “What is the best and fastest way to lost weight?”

  1. Think About It said :

    Good for you to not take the diet drugs. Exercise and healthy foods works everytime. The main thing is you need to exercise at a pace that your body will start to burn the fat. This means cardio and resistance exercise. A good routine is key. Here is some more information on exercise you may want to read. You can do it.


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