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What is the best and fastest fat burning weight loss supplement?

I am working out hard and eating right but have only lost very little weight and i need to loose 150 pounds more.

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4 Responses to “What is the best and fastest fat burning weight loss supplement?”

  1. Bio-SYNERGY said :

    150 lbs can be lost in around 8-12 months if you train right!

    The important thing is to actually avoid supplements to lose weight. They are a waste of money. Seriously. They just speed up your heart rate. That isn’t good for your heart all day to keep thumping unnaturally. It’s akin to being on speed all day long!

    Furthermore, some people have died from them. Their sale is now regulated carefully by the powers that be.

    Instead of a supplement, drink ice cold water all throughout the day. Ice cold water actually burns calories because your body must heat up the water to its base temperature!

    For more tips and a terrific exercise program, check out the link below. It’s the best fitness information I’ve ever read and helped me get very lean and in shape without much effort.

  2. find me one said :

    Slim X works for me (may not work for you) But the absolute very best supplement is Dicepline! You have to dedicate yourself to a goal! Be tough on yourself! Know your limits but learn to train your body to exceed them! Look at yourself everyday in the mirror to remind yourself you need to improve! (Remember, you will not see the change in yourself as much as anyone else might because you are your own worst enemy but use that for motivation) Weigh yourself everyday because if you don’t you will never see progress and you will lose hope fast. Don’t feel sorry for yourself because self pitty is the weapon that your own worst enemy uses best! Turn that pitty in to anger to push yourself harder. Most of all… Forgive yourself for having allowed your body to reach that point. I know what it’s like. Five months ago I was classified as “morbidly obese” now I am only 15 lbs from reaching my target weight. I’m no model! But I’m geting there LOL! Oh yeah if you have faith… Use that and ask for strength. Most people these days don’t have those beliefs and I don’t mean to force them on anyone, but it helps me anyway. With that being said… I am rooting for you! I hope to read one day that you have reached your goal! Your friend – Joshua

  3. Jill said :

    I am on a weight loss program that lets me put my favorite foods in an online generator which solved my problem. It then takes your favorite foods (within reason, no hot fudge sundaes) and prints out on your computer a two week menu plus a grocery list for those foods. They give you choices of very healthy foods and they let you eat 3 to 5 times a day. I also found that everything on the menu is very quick and easy to fix. I am eating what I want and so far I am losing 3-4 lbs a week. Here is the link: Click Here!
    (copy and paste)

  4. Jahanpanah said :

    Hi jassy,

    There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies can help you reach your goal weight in a healthy and effective manner. Herbs such as Garcinia cambogia, Taraxacum officinalis, Glycorrhiza glabra, and Capsicum minimum are especially known for boosting metabolism functioning and stimulating the digestive system, while helping to curb food cravings.

    In addition, the sea vegetable Fucus vesiculosis contains a concentrated source of minerals including iodine, which assists in the production of thyroid hormones necessary for maintaining healthy metabolism in all cells of the body.

    Homeopathic remedies such as Kalium Phosphate, Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Fluoride also help to improve metabolism while assisting in the breakdown of dietary fat. When used regularly, these natural ingredients can help to assist your body in weight loss while also helping rid your body of harmful toxins. The result is a slimmer, more energetic and healthier you!

    Together they can,
    Support healthy slimming efforts along with a balanced lifestyle
    Maintain efficient metabolism in the body
    Support healthy weight goals without the use of artificial stimulants or ephedra
    Support the digestive system by maintaining the natural breakdown of fats
    Support healthy energy levels through nutrient absorption
    Support loss of excess fat while maintaining normal growth and development
    Support balanced blood sugar and fewer sugar cravings
    Support a healthy glowing skin
    Maintain overall systemic health in teenagers

    Depending upon your age, you may choose any of these products for any age people for children till 12 for teens and for metabolism for everybody.

    Hope this helps. It generally does.

    Best of Luck


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