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What is the best way to loose weight fast?

Okay i know weight loss isn’t supposed to be easy or fast. But if you were to have an important get to gether (or something) in a week or two, what is a good way to loose noticable weight??

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to loose weight fast?”

  1. WeightLossHelper said :

    Hi vbplayer,

    If your really looking to lose weight within a week or two then you need to get into gear and get to work. Dont worry, im not talking about anything to extreme here. Im just talking about a few key things:

    -If you do not exercise you need to start. You need to run at least a half mile per day 5 days per week. Ideally you should run a mile per day 5 days per week, but what ever you can handle.

    -Make sure you start your day with Quaker Oatmeal as it supresses your hunger. If your hungry like I am this really helps. Its also full of fiber and whole grain which are good for you.

    -Drink Green tea as it also supresses your hunger and is good for you.

    -stay awaway from complex carbs, junk foods and all fast food.

    -eat at least 3-6 times per day, but make your meals very small (around 300 calories each). Make sure you only eat lean meat, veggies, fruits and low fat foods.

    -Start working out right away, the more muscle you have on you the more fat you burn. I suggest you lift heavy one day, light the next, heavy the next etc. You might want to even go with every other day as I know I build muscle quicker doing this.

    Bottom line is eat several small healthy meals per day, run, workout and eat foods that supress your hunger. If you have any medical conditions please consult your doctor before doing this though.

    I might also add that starving yourself will actually make you gain weight. It slows down your matobolism and you will gain weight or stay the same for the first week. The only way you lose weight with starvation is if you are truely starving, but you then build it back double sadly. If your body thinks you are starving then it prepares for the next time you “starve” to keep you alive longer. That makes sense right?

    All in all I hope this info helps you lose weight. I also wish you good luck. Talk to you later 🙂

  2. markofmuzik said :

    Honestly,,, the fastest way is don’t eat. This is VERY unhealthy though.

    Instead of eating a meal,,, eat a small bowl of cereal,,, or a meal replacement bar or a bowl of oatmeal……. drink tea and LOTS of water.. drink water practically constantly..
    You’d be amazed that chugging a big glass of water can actually make you feel full…..

    It will take about 3 days for you to notice a difference…. but you will certainly “feel” slimmer ,,,, daily pilates is good too…..

    in the long run,,, your body DOES NEED food. If you stop eating,,, at some point you’re going to crave food and then your body hordes the calories making you gain weight…
    A horrible cycle that so many get caught in,,, and can be hard to break,,, so be careful…..

    BTW ,,, don’t buy any of those weight loss pills at the drug store,,, they are complete and total BullShit…… If they actually worked,,, they wouldn’t be selling so many on the market…..

  3. Jeff said :

    Little Tricks To Help You Lose Weight Fast

    Yeah we all know that we are supposed to cut calories, do cardio and hit the gym to get in shape, but there are lots

    of little tricks you shouldn’t ignore if you want to slim down quick.

    Take The Stairs Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day can help you burn some extra calories. It may

    not seem like a lot but it adds up. Over a period of a year, taking the stairs can burn off an extra five lbs. of fat.
    More infomation the link:–?cq=1


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