What are the best things to eat to loose weight FAST?

im 13, and i weigh like 150 – 160 pounds. there are alot of skinny girls in my school, and i wanna be like them. plus, my boyfriend is 14 and he weighs 85 pounds!!! thats around half my weight!!! =( what are some good and easy exersises and foods to help me loose as much weight as i can and as fast as i can???


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10 Responses to “What are the best things to eat to loose weight FAST?”

  1. ROOR said:

    Water, altho you cant eat it, but drink LOTS of it, and fruits and veggies cos those are water based.

  2. Mindy H said:

    First, don’t lose weight to be like everyone else. Hell don’t do anything to be like everyone else. Always be you for you.

    Second, never plan to “lose weight fast”. Stick to a low calorie diet and exercise. Have your mom take you to your doctor who can give you a guideline to follow.

  3. inuyasha_1969 said:

    fish.chicken. peper, cheess.

  4. Kathleen F said:

    I understand your problem I was just like you, I got taller and slimmed out, but you can eat lots of veggies, I became a Vegetarian to make a statement for a week and lost 3lbs.

  5. Y haterz got 2 hate on me said:

    well vegetables are good
    try to weigh like 120 or sum thin
    my 12yr old cousin weighs 115 she is so skinny you would think she weighs 100

  6. Tormal said:

    I do not know the answer to that question but I do not how to loose weigth safely and naturally.

    Take a look at this article: http://www.yourhealthandbalance.com/lose-weight-naturally.html

    No pills, nothing for sale. Just great info!

  7. gotmilk said:

    You can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables.

  8. verov said:

    Hey alek,

    Good foods: fruits, vegetables, lean protein (i.e. chicken, eggs, lowfat dairy), and whole grains
    Exercise: walking

    What worries me is the fact that you want to be like skinny girls in your school. You shouldn’t aspire to be like others, but instead aspire to be your best self. If you are making good food choices and staying physically active, you will become your best self…which is way better than being like anyone else.

    About your 85 pound boyfriend…Girls physically mature faster than boys. Don’t worry, he’ll catch up and probably pass you on the way up.

    ; }

  9. Diomedes said:

    I heard onTV News that nutritionists say that loosing more than 800 grams (1.76 pounds) per week was dangerous… be careful and find good info from nutritionists, it might be worth some bucks rather than harm yourself.

  10. xxYEA it's BeCkyXXOO said:

    thats gross that your bf is only 85 lbs.
    eat salads and yogurt and whole wheat bread peanutbutter sandwhiches.
    try running


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