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What is the best way to loose weight FAST after having a baby?

I’m due in a week or two and I want to loose my weight FAST .!!!! What are your suggestions

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10 Responses to “What is the best way to loose weight FAST after having a baby?”

  1. KspaceT said :

    Breastfeed…exercise and eat well.

  2. Due August 26th w/ #2 said :

    Exercise and diet is the only way to do it.

  3. Sophie said :

    breastfeeding is a really good way.

    and it will come off so dont worry it takes 9 months to put on so will take about the same to come off. you may be really luck and it will only take a few months to come off

  4. Michelle S said :

    breastfeed and eat only 1500 calories/day

  5. Pippin said :

    It’s not safe to try and lose weight ‘fast.’ You will, of course, lose quite a bit immediately after birth — the weight of the baby, placenta, fluid etc, and some water weight.

    The rest of it will come off fairly gradually … just as it went on. Eat sensibly, breastfeed if at all possible, and exercise as you feel able. You don’t need to be stressing your body with crash diets or intense exercise while recovering from childbirth and caring for a newborn.

  6. *Aly* said :

    I didnt have to do anything! I went back down to 115 about 2 weeks after delivery. I only gained 30 pounds which is all baby stuff then…so if you did what you were supposed to do while your preggo then it will come right off. The first week or so your uderus is still going down though so it is kinda loose and flabby but then once it hardens back up…you’ll be fine! If you gained more then that amount that you were supposed to then just eat right and excersise like you’d have to if you needed to lose weight. Dont expect anything soon though cause you wont be able to do so till about 6 weeks after you deliver!

  7. Meems said :

    If your goal is to lose fast then don’t plan on breastfeeding- the toxins released from the fat will go directly into the breastmilk and the weight loss will hurt your milk supply. Honestly, your body is doing a lot of work right now and it takes time to recover. Trying to lose weight fast is not good for you or you baby. Eating a healthy diet now and afterward and lightly exercising now and during the postpartum period is a lot better plan than some extreme diet or exercise routine. It just takes time for your body to shed the excess water and blood weight and for your uterus to return to normal. You are going to still look about 6 months pregnant even after you give birth so be prepared.

  8. nana(dueOCT19) said :

    breastfeeding and eating balanced meals..and of course walking alot helps a great deal

  9. Acelin Gwen's Mommy said :

    6 day makeover by michael thurmond! it’s NO joke! you can buy it at a bookstore!

    you eat 6 meals day and drink lots of water! it is the best plan ever! i swear to it! go get the book.

  10. Kashyy said :

    I have an Excellent diet that allows you to lose 40 in one month…..and 10 ina week..

    I f you want it i can give it to you

    and it works my sis and mama used it


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