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what is the best diet to loose weight fast but not loose energy?

I work 10 to 12 hours a day at a really fast paced job so i need to eat a lot of food im just wondering the best types to eat. every diet ive tried i loose my energy.

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2 Responses to “what is the best diet to loose weight fast but not loose energy?”

  1. Judy said :

    Bran fiber cereal
    Grape nuts
    boiled eggs
    steamed or pan cooked chicken – absolutely no oil
    veggie juice
    romaine lettuce with fat free dressing
    baked beans – rinse in water to remove all that sugar
    quick oats oatmeal with milk

    Fiber one bars and apples as a sugary snack
    Limit fat to good fats and never over 20 grams a day of fat.

  2. matthew said :

    The best diet foods that will keep your engery would be foods high in protein. I know that they can be kinda high in fat and calories, but they are very filling so you will not eat as much which will help you overall. I am not talkinga bout fast food burgers and things like that though!!! Otherwise salads are a great way to loose weight, (i would suggest throwing some hamburger meat on it)

    If your looking for products i would go to from there you can take a nutril physical and a group of doctors/trainers will give you a list of products and viteamns that will best help you. so its personilized to you and your lifestyle. Its awesome. The site can be kinda confusing ( i would suggest going to the site and taking the nutri physcial even if you dont want to buy the products just to see how your lifestyle is) so if you get lost or confused feel free to email me, [email protected], or [email protected] and ill be more than willing to help you out.

    Good luck with your diet and keeping up with work! thats a ton of hours!!

    o and yougurt, fruits, and veggies are great to! And water!! If you drink soda, stop and subsitue that with water or crystal light, that alone will make you lose a lot of weight!!


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