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What is the best way for me to lose fat and even muscle in my legs?

Ok so I wanted to lose fat in my inner thighs so I have been working out and doing weights and I have noticed that now I have muscle where the fat was but my legs look even bigger! How can I tone them and make them smaller!?

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4 Responses to “What is the best way for me to lose fat and even muscle in my legs?”

  1. brouz said :

    if you like the skinny look.. start running… runners are skinny cuz they burn fat and muscle when they train.

    Personally, i perfer more muscle… more muscle means your body is burning more calories standing still

  2. billybob said :

    only way to lift weights and not get bigger is to do high reps (24-30) with low weights. if you want to loose some fat i suggest you try cardio exercises. run on a treadmill for half hour 3 times a weak. as for the muscles in your legs…you can burn off that too by doing cardio. when your body does not have any fat to burn, it turns to the next thing which is muscle so just keep exercising and eventually they will get smaller.

  3. Mrs. Zen Deuce said :

    running will cause em to slim down a bit and tone up. running helps to burn fat… since u sweat so much… its a good work out. and maybe u can change ur diet…. like sweets and stuff that contain fats that can deposit in the thigh area etc…

    its true runners look more lean if u ever noticed…

  4. john groom said :

    This daily plan have helped me lose as much as 10lbs over 2 weeks and I hope it will for you too:

    – Start the day with some green tea and plenty of drinking water. Eat some lean protein for breakfast, and do your stress-busting yoga stretches.

    – If you are a morning person, do your cardio exercise then. Follow it up with 15 minutes of strength-training exercises, focusing on your arms.

    – Eat small meals throughout the day, staying well below your required caloric intake.

    – Drink approximately 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight.

    – Avoid sugary or salty foods.

    – In the evening, do a longer session of stretching.

    – Wind down before bed with relaxing activities like reading or taking a warm bath.

    – Sleep at least 8 hours.

    All the actual details of this daily plan such as what exercises to do, the type of food to eat or how to calculate your daily caloric intake are all spelt out in this report “Lose 14 lbs in 14 days” which you can immediately download for free:

    Give the plan a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I was not.


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