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What is a good workout to lose weight fast?

I want to lose 50lbs. I weigh 150. Don’t judge me. I’m 15yearsold.
Whats a good workout that could help me burn carbs? I’m trying to lose the weight for summer. Lol
Any tips?
And a diet plan would help.

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6 Responses to “What is a good workout to lose weight fast?”

  1. ellis83_21 said :

    chainsaw youre legs off

  2. James A said :

    first their is no specific workout but search the sparticus workout from mens health and take some of what they do there and apply it to other exercises.

    if that doesn’t work do weights up to 20 reps and don’t ever stop moving at the gym. NO REST!!

    the more your heart is beating the more your burning!!!

    Circuit training is also great.

    if you can workout in the morning and eat protein in the morning too

  3. mangoluvva said :

    hey there! so im in the same boat with u loll, i wanna lose about 30 pounds over summer and im 16…i know people can be super mean and cruel, but dont listen to them..the more they tease others, the more that means they are insecure about themselves, i promisee:) so dont even worry, they r just super unstable haha:P so, i suggest getting a couple workout dvds..maybe pilates or a boot camp thing, or a hip hop thing, something that 4 times a weekk. drink lots of water, cut back on snacks but dont deprive ureself totally..also, make sure u r getting in 30 minutes of cardio daily..after cardio, lift weights, (can be 8 pounds dumbells) and do squats and crunches.. email me if u need any more advice, you CAN do it ! best of luck:)

  4. aLLiKaTT said :

    1. Get a picture off the internet of that REALLY cute bikini you want but can’t fit into and post it on your wall, bathroom mirror, or somewhere you’ll see it every day.
    2. Push-ups my friend. Start with the girl kind where you have your knees on the ground and slowly work your way up to being able to do about 50 of those ( if you want to push your self even more, 100 girl push-ups). Once you get to there, start doing regular pushups. They hurt like heck, but you lose weight and gain muscle by doing that. My friend got hecka skinny and buff really fast. She’s in 8th grade and can beat Juniors in high-school in arm-wrestling matches now. No one messes with her. Good luck!

    aLLiKaTT <3

    P.S. Apologies for t he extra spaces--my spacebar i s sticking. (mumbles)

  5. Marie said :

    Do 10 minutes of a cardio warm up,do a vigorous cardio workout for 40 minutes(jogging,swimming,jumping jacks,ect.),do 30 squats,50 lunges,50 sit ups or crunches,and then stretch for 15 minutes(check out some yoga stretches at would be very surprised if you do this on your first try so don’t get discouraged if you can only do 1/3 or a half of the workout,it’s Jessica Alba’s workout routine btw.For a diet plan just eat less,you can really eat anything you want as long as it is in smaller portion size,just keep diminishing your portion sizes till you eat half of the amount you used to eat and cut out the things you can live without;for example today I was going to eat a zinger and I cut it in half and gave the other half to my bro,so I got to enjoy the zinger but not with the full calories.You can record everything you eat for 3 weeks and see the unhealthy things you need to reduce and try to exchange those things for yogurt,fruit,or a less fattening thing that you would enjoy just the same.I like to toast a slice of bread,cut it in half,give one half to my dogs,then butter the other half and put sugar and cinnamon on it.I’ve found that drinking tea helps curb my appetite because it is warm and makes me feel more full,I use non calorie sweeteners like Truvia so it is like drinking flavored water;drink 64 oz. of water everyday too,it helps your internal organs,brightens your skin,and makes your hair look healthier and it curbs your appetite.If you want to learn more read “French Women Don’t Get Fat”,this is where I got these diet tips;she is a french women who came to America and gained so much weight that when she came back from France her father told her she looked like a sack of potatoes.

  6. Wowgethealth said :

    The workout you choose must be something that you have passion for otherwise you will give up and waste your time and energy. This must be linked with a good diet which covers all the main food groups.

    Do not make the mistake of starving yourself as your body needs its nutrients,

    Visit the link I have and check out the tips and information that will give you the best results.


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