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what is a fast way to loose weight?

im a young teen about 120 lbs.
im a thin tall girl but i noticed that ive been puttin on quiet a bit of weight.
i wanna look good in a swimmsuit so is there any way to loose weight fast mostly around upper thigh, butt, and where ur love handles are. those areas.

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3 Responses to “what is a fast way to loose weight?”

  1. Name is Sarah said :

    Well, you should always have 6 small meals a day, with leaner meats, nuts, and fruits. When you get hungry for a snack, just drink some water, eat some jello or low-fat popcorn or yogurt. Good luck!

  2. Fit Girl said :

    The best way to do it is to really watch what you’re eating. Talk to your parents about your concerns and ask for their help – especially if they are cooking for you!

    1. Cut out fast food all together
    2. Cut out junk food – chocolate – candy – cake – ice cream
    3. Stay away from white starches (no white rice, no bagels, no white bread, no potatoes, no pasta)
    4. no soda


    1. Eat more veggies – steamed – no butter – balsamic vinegar is good
    2. Eat lean meats, fish, tofu
    3. Eat multi-grain bread – but at a minimum
    4. Eat fruit that’s in season

    Combine this with exercise and you will loose weight quickly!

    You might want to check out
    there’s a daily calorie calculator there and exercise calculator as well.

    Good luck!

  3. mel said :

    Yes, there is an easy way for thinner girls to lose (not loose) weight. You should start jogging. At your age and weight, it’ll be the best thing for you. It also releases endorphins which will make you feel really good emotionally! 🙂


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