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On “The Biggest Loser” how do they loose weight so fast?

I know everything they do is monitered/approved by physicians, so I’m assuming its safe for them to loose weight that quickly. Do you know any SPECIFICS about what exactly they do. If you have any ideas or proven methods of your own, please hsare those too. I understand that strenuous exercise is part of it, but what else? Do you know what their daily caloric intake usually is -I know it varies- but any ideas?

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10 Responses to “On “The Biggest Loser” how do they loose weight so fast?”

  1. duoak said :

    Well, the people on this show are really big. The bigger you are, the faster the weight falls off.

  2. Jim G said :

    they have hours of physical exercise by a certified instructor, coupled with proper nutrition and rest.

  3. mystraven85 said :

    Im quite sure they follow all of these guidelines. As for their calories use the coloric needs generator at the link on the bottom.

    A. Stop eating 3 hours before bed time. While you are sleeping your metabolism slows down. Extra food in the bloodstream gets converted to fat. I you sleep on an empty stomache your body is reaching into those fat stores rather than adding to them.

    B. Eat a healthy low calorie diet. That means tons of veggies and fruits. Keep your meat lean. And dont even think about those potato chips, soda, donuts, and candy bars. Keep the fat calories under 500 a day.

    C. Drink plenty of water. You want to be drinking 60oz a day. Don’t overdo it or you will damage your electrolyte balance.

    D. Get active. you need a bare minimum of 30 minutes of exercise each day. Look to your local YMCA or see if your college offers their gym to the public. If youd prefer to work out at home Turbo jam by is an excellent calorie burner and is easy on the knees. Stretch every day to prevent soreness.

    E. Take a good multivitamin. It will help keep your energy levels high, and give your body the resources it needs to recover from exercise.

    F. Support your commitment. Keep a daily journal. Tell everyone you know about your weight loss goals and ask them to help you keep track. Get a friend or a group of them to commit along with you. Have them come over for workouts and watch eachother for form and intensity levels.
    Finally, don’t let yourself binge. If you feel too deprived have a handful of chocolate chips, a sliver of desert. You can make allowances but limit yourself to one a day and small portions.

    Avoid processed foods, alcohol, sugary drinks, sports bars and drinks and fast food. They are uneeded calories. Pack yourself a bag lunch so you wont be tempted.

    If you need any other ideas, tips, and motivation check out…
    Its free to look around.

    Good luck!

  4. cantik said :

    It is in fact not safe. In the up-coming Australian “Biggest Loser” one of the candidates was forced to give up and to go to hospital apparently, because she was over-doing it.
    As far as their caloric intake is concerned, it is 1200-1500 if I remember correctly.

  5. Biskit said :

    The thing about losing weight is that the more you have to lose, the faster you can lose it. If your ideal weight is 150 lbs and you weigh 170 lbs, it will be harder than if you weighed 290 lbs. However, once you got down to 170 lbs, it would be a lot harder to lose that last 20 than the first 120.

    You just need to eat a normal, healthy diet. Don’t exceed your daily calories. Watch your fat intake. And exercise regularly. Once your metabolism increases, the weight comes off faster.

  6. Me, Myself & I said :

    Any one of us could lose weight if we were given the proper foods (portions) to eat, had free access to modern exercise equipment and also had a personal trainer to guide us like all the people have on The Biggest Loser.

  7. lv_consultant said :

    there is no secret formula to weight loss. you exercise more (for many you start to exercise) and you count calories and eat healthier balanced meals.

    the people on that show lose so much weight because they had no discipline before. they are forced to exercise vigorously for hours daily and there meals are cooked for them with specific nutrient contents.

    there is no “general caloric” intake diet than everyone can follow. how many cals “you” need depends on how much fat free mass you have and your daily caloric expenditure. this is why tracking body fat is very important when dieting for weight loss.

  8. pookiemct07 said :

    I have the Biggest Loser Cookbook and it briefly goes over the plan. They basically take your starting weight, multiply it by 7 and that’s how many calories you need to stay under per day. They also do say that they put the contestants through a very rigorous workout that most normal people wouldn’t be able to fit into their daily lives. Of course, a normal person can still lose the weight, just not quite as fast. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks without feeling shaky or weak because I am eating the required foods. I do not work out 3 hours a day or whatever like they do. Still, when you lose that first 5 or 10 pounds, you get really excited. Also, there’s another website, not affiliated with them, that is doing a national body challenge that is free. They have recipes on there that are actually pretty good and they suggest workouts for the whole week. They let you have more calories. Also, for each day that you weigh in, you are entered in their sweepstakes. I do recommend that cookbook I mentioned though. I kind of mix the two diets, myself.

  9. meka g said :

    Well first they work out 3 times a day for 3 hours. Then they cut back on the caloric intake. They dont drink soda at all but they do drink plenty of water. You can a eat salad, or chicken broth with vegetables (excluding potatoes, corn and tomatoes) and drink only unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, diet caffiene free soda, and water and lose 15 pounds in one week. So with what theyre doing its harder trying to keep yourself from eating the junk then it is to actually lose the weight. You can get the biggest loser cookbook. Im in Weight Watchers and how old you are and how much you way determines your caloric intake. The more weight you lose the caloric intake will change.

  10. tonks_op said :

    I signed up for the Biggest Losers club on the Internet. I don’t advise doing that. If you do, just buy the books for half price and cancel the online membership within your 10 day period. All you need is in the books and the experts will never answer you anyway on-line.

    On the show they are able to do that because they get up in the morning and have a small snack and work out for a couple of hours and then have breakfast. The rest of the day they walk, and do other forms of cardio. They kill themselves with about 5 hours of exercise a day. None of the rest of us can do that and live. They also advise against trying that because your skin will not keep up and it will just hang on you and you will have to have an operation to get it off. (That is if you are very overweight and lose fast.) It is only really safe for the rest of us to loose 2 lbs per week. Since you are not trying to win $250,000.00 there is no sense trying to kill yourself.

    Calories are your current weight x7= where you are now. Slowly lower that but never go below 1200.
    Eat 3 meals and 2 -3 snacks. No white bread, sugar, or white potatoes. The reason is that this foods raise your insulin level and make you hungry and stores fat. They have some rather odd ideas for recipes, especially if you don’t cook and live alone. Too much variety if you ask me. OK for people who have a family, but not practical for a single person. Also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.


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