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What happens after stopping smoking?

My mother has stopped smoking for 10days now but she has a problem, when she eats she has no taste everything feels bitter. Has this happened to someone that quit smoking?

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One Response to “What happens after stopping smoking?”

  1. spiffer1 said :

    There are major hurdles one has to contend with as they go through tobacco withdrawal. Unfortunately women have a more difficult time than do men in quitting. Your Mom needs your help, therefore. Taste buds have been discouraged from working properly while she has been smoking. The taste thing she is encountering just now is likely (everyone, unfortunately has different experiences with withdrawal) to be behind her in a few days and she will begin to taste things as she could taste them before she started smoking. Even after ten years of not smoking I would have dreams about smoking and wake up with the taste of a cigarette in my mouth. The good news is that (as long as no permanent harm has developed so far) her system should rebound and in a few years time medical tests won’t show any effects of tobacco smoke on her system.


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