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advice about what happens after stopping smoking?

im 23 and have stopped smoking after ten years, but i didnt get the cough that people normally get when they stop smoking which is meant to clear the lungs, is this normal?

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6 Responses to “advice about what happens after stopping smoking?”

  1. Helen said :

    Huh. That’s kind of weird. I wouldn’t worry about it, though. Your lungs will heal just fine, even if you don’t cough anything up.

  2. Deni said :

    Don’t worry you will be fine. Great work stopping that filthy habit.

  3. Zach said :

    it depends on how much you smoked. bro its all good just know that your risk of cancer has gone down 50 percent

  4. Adelaide said :

    Hi, hon —

    It’s not really normal but not terribly unusual either. It may just be that your body is clearing out your lungs more slowly than most people do. Here’s some more info on what to expect when you stop smoking: It may be that your body is pretty healthy and that’s cutting down on the symptoms of quitting.

    Congratulations on quitting smoking! Hang tough!

  5. Anthony said :

    Congratulations on breaking the habit and stopping from smoking!

    Everyone’s body reacts differently, and the cough is not essential to clearing out your lungs and blood stream. But time without smoking is. Check with your doctor, but he/she will likely agree that you are responding normally. Smoking is a difficult habit to break, and even after 20 years of non-smoking, I still get the urge. Stick with it, and good luck remaining smoke free!

  6. elpi said :

    First, congrats on quitting.
    Everybody is different when it comes to smoking and coughing. I smoked for 30 years and never had a smokers’ cough nor did I get a cough when I quit.
    I am a biologist and I could dazzle you with a lot of crap regarding how your lungs (and other organs) respond to smoking and quiting, but I’ll spare you.
    Bottom line: Your lungs are damaged in some ways permanently, but, they are no longer being harmed any further.
    Bless you.


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