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What exercises is best for losing belly fat, and make your face thinner?

my body is pretty even, not too thin, not too fat, but i always seems to have a few extra pound on my belly, what is a good exercise to loss belly fat?
And is there a exercise to thin out my face, because my face is so fat, and whenever i take pictures, my face is always take up most part of the space in the camera.
Thanks everyone!
i don’t want any diet pill even if they work for you. and please don’t give me a web site.

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6 Responses to “What exercises is best for losing belly fat, and make your face thinner?”

  1. Luigi said :
  2. katieebaaby(: said :

    walking/jogging is the best for everything!

  3. Wildman said :

    Exercise will have to be it then. Eating right will play a big part in it too.

  4. twilight lova said :

    hmm dnt kno bout the face but the best way to loose belly fat is to do yoga, pailates and arobics go on exercise tv on demand and u can choose outa thoose catigories. Also its VERY important to DIET!!!!!! the best diet to loose belly fat is is to eat all WHOLE GRAINS w five seriving of veggies n fruits and 2 servings of meeeaatt. and let me tell u the ACAI BERRY DOES NOT WORK IF U WANT TO LOOSE WEIGHT!! its great source of vitamins but it wnt help u loose weight. trust me i bought 200$ worth of acai berry and i didnt loose anything

  5. Skeptic said :

    Aerobic exercise – Monitor your heart rate and keep it in an aerobic zone. Swimming, running, bicycling, dancing, jumping rope, are all good aerobic exercises.

    Also – Avoid all sodas and prepackaged foods. Avoid aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners. Cut out sugar. Cut out excess fats. Cut out too much dairy foods.

    You will lose fat in the reverse order that it was put on regardless of the exercise. You can tone muscles, but you cannot spot reduce.

  6. Pedro G said :


    Well heres from my experience.

    I walk daily and diet. I also jog after about 45 minutes of just walking, sometimes 25. I then jog for about an hour. Not a straight hour of nonstop jogging though. I do stop for a while then start jogging again. By doing this I lost some belly fat and some facial fat. I weighed about 239 at the begining of May and in mid July I weighed in 220.
    I now weight about 210.

    I also stopped drinking soda and started drinking a lot more water. I only drink either water, milk, or tea.

    Hopes this helps.

  7. baskorsund said :


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