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What’s the best type of yoga for losing weight and toning body? Does yoga even help your body?

My parents are offering to sign me up for yoga because they want me to get my anxiety under control. Whats the best yoga class for losing weight and toning body? And what are the other benefits of yoga? How long before I see results? Anything I should know about it or certain tips? What do I wear?

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4 Responses to “What’s the best type of yoga for losing weight and toning body? Does yoga even help your body?”

  1. Betty B said :

    Wear something comfortable (I would go with short leggings and a tank top).

    If you have anxiety, use the yoga class to relax mentally and physically with meditation, breathing and stretching.

    To lose weight, eat healthy and do aerobics exercises (anything that makes you sweat and breathe hard) for 3,500 calories for each pound of fat reserves that you wish to lose.

    To tone your body, do calisthenics, using your own body as weight (like doing crunches, push-ups, squats, lunges…) and using small weights (like doing dumbbells curls, triceps extensions, leg extensions…).

  2. S.Nayar said :

    You can start with ashtanga vinyasa style for losing weight and toning body. The main other benefit is relaxation physically and mentally if guided by a balanced teacher. If the the teacher is good the effects of mental relaxation is felt from the very beginning. Do not approach yoga with doubts in mind for you will never receive the benefits. Wear anything stretchable and comfortable.

  3. Jay said :

    The best thing is to like the instructor. There are many types of yoga and each is good if you follow it. But liking the instructor makes going to the class easy and easy to follow the program.

    You can look at some of the popular instructors here though likely none are in your area but it will give an idea of what some of the methods are.

  4. Shannon said :

    A good Vinyasa flow yoga is great for a beginner and good for toning and weight control. I find forms like Ashtanga and Bikram a little too much for a yoga beginner.

    Yin and restorative yoga are fabulous for stress reduction and muscle relaxation. But all yoga is rejuvenating is some way for me.

    I saw results from yoga (stress-wise) even after the first class. I noticed flexibility increase after only a few classes, and I was loosing weight within a month.

    What to wear? Comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. Be careful of baggy shits and they tend to expose the belly and more when in inversions.


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