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What is the best exercise to do to lose belly fat?

I am already cutting down on my calories but i need to do exercise as well. What excercise should i do to effectively cut down my belly fat. I’m not that fat. i look fine when i stand up. its just that when i sit down my stomach bunches up and makes a bump and i want that gone.

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2 Responses to “What is the best exercise to do to lose belly fat?”

  1. Steve J said :

    You cannot control which area of the body you lose “fat” from, remember that.

    That being said, an excellent diet and cardio program will immediately start to decrease your body fat and eventually that will show in your stomach

    If your statement is true, and your not truly that “overweight”, perhaps the cardio will immediately start to attack your stomach (perhaps its your lone problem area)

    Point is, you can’t do sit ups to lose belly fat, you can’t do crunches to lose belly fat and more importantly working out SPECIFIC muscles build just that, muscles.

    Good Luck..

  2. John said :

    you just need to get some cardio going. Weightlossdiscs are excellent as they have no joint
    impact but great cardio benefit. You will notice your belly shrink!! Good luck!!
    here you can find a good weight loss disc


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