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What is the best way for a 15 year old girl to lose belly fat?

I am 15, and weigh between 135-140. Everyday I weigh myself, and I weigh differently, between that range. Is this a normal range for my height, 5’5? I always think it’s normal, but I have some belly fat I want to lose. I don’t have a car so I can’t drive to the gym everyday…but I go when I can. I do crunches at home, but they never seem to work…or the weight I lose gains back fast. I also am a vegetarian. What are good ways to lose belly fat weight? Any ideas are appreciated! :-)(-: THANKS!

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6 Responses to “What is the best way for a 15 year old girl to lose belly fat?”

  1. lilmissvixon said :

    well u may not be getting enough nutrition in your diet try a multivitamin if u don’t already take one and just dot the usual sit ups and crunches it could also just be baby fat still

  2. newzealander said :

    i would say you may want to do something other than crunches especially if you do them every day because your abs need a day to recover after doing an ab exercise. i would suggest joggin a couple miles every 2 days along with every other day ab workouts and even yoga can help.

  3. coolmonk said :

    40 minute daily jog or brisk walk (atleast 4 days in a week), smaller dinner at night, good hearty breakfast & lunch, lots of salad and small cup of water every 1 hour…

  4. Retta said :

    Continue being active and continue with the crunches. You also will have to cut back on certain that you eat. Put more fiber in your diet and drink lots of water. Remember stay active.

  5. Erica M said :

    try the kellogs super k that works instead of having a big meal at night and also put the soda away bread chips fast food that where you are getting it from try taking green tea

  6. lovetotalk said :

    cut out any beverage that isn’t low fat milk, tea(w/o sugar or honey) or water. Only drink other beverages as a treat, which is what they were made to be in the first place. Those high calorie beverages aren’t meant for daily consuption. This goes also for food. If it comes in a box or drive thru don’t eat it. Food wasn’t meant to last 4years on a shelf and it shouldn’t be made to do so.

    With a balanced, portion controlled healty diet and more activity the weight will literally fall off.


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