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What exercises are best to loose my lower belly fat?

I have been gaining weight gradually over the past year and I noticed that my lower belly is getting more fat. Even when I was skinny, the only place I had fat was in my lower abdomen. This really bothers me and I would like to lose fat in that area before anywhere else. Is this normal? It’s really gross to look at, please help me someone. If I could affort a tummy tuck or liposuction I would get it.

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4 Responses to “What exercises are best to loose my lower belly fat?”

  1. tiffanyjmv said:

    You can’t decide what area you want to lose fat without surgery. Belly fat tends to go away with a clean diet, and cardio.

  2. Paul said:

    Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce or target any one particular place in which to get rid of unwanted body fat-unless you could afford the lipo. What you can do is continue to increase your cardio regiment and add some light resistance exercise as well-muscles require more energy than fat and thus will increase your basal metabolic rate. Continue to monitor your diet and drink plenty of water and you should at least reduce the unwanted body fat.

  3. cuttie-pie-32 said:

    half sit ups , leg lifts, and scrunches ur welcome!! :):)

  4. Muslimah said:

    sittups and push ups.. get into martial arts..( works for me =).. drink a lot of water too


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