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what do Americans do if they become too ill to work and can no longer afford medical insurance?

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13 Responses to “what do Americans do if they become too ill to work and can no longer afford medical insurance?”

  1. mommadoo said :


  2. Ginger R said :


  3. steve j said :


  4. never u said :

    go on welfare , what do you do in your country?

  5. beacon of wisdom said :

    eat of course!!!

  6. kiteeze said :

    Americans are never too ill to work! They would prefer to work until they dropped. That way the employer has to look after their medical costs; else get sued.

  7. stuengland2004 said :

    Stay healthly

  8. mrpaul said :

    in england we dont need medical insurance, we have the national heatlh service so our medical treatmenti paid for.

  9. Laurence B said :

    … get ill.

    Benefits, maybe.

    But if they cannot afford hospital, die.

    That is the flaw in America’s capitalist government. :@

    They really need a NHS of their own.

    Better in England. =]

  10. bowie1 said :

    they come here like everyone else does, and stupid johnny english pays for the treatment!

  11. MS4 said :

    If they qualify for social security disability or are over age 65, then they can also qualify for Medicare. If their income is below a certain level, they qualify for Medicaid. The real problem is if you are working, but making too much to qualify for Medicaid and too little to afford private health insurance. I’ve seen docs advise patients to quit their jobs if they get cancer or something so that they qualify for Medicaid and won’t go bankrupt paying medical bills.

  12. TheWizard said :

    They may have to just suffer or die unless they can find some welfare or charitable service, or family or friend who will support them, and there’s no guarantee they will be able to do that (based on direct knowledge of some American’s situation).

    If you fall of the edge in the USA, it’s tough shit buddy…

  13. billy m said :

    Join the cardboard box brigade….until they die…..the land of freedom; ya right!!!!


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