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How do you get medical insurance for your unborn baby before they are born?

My first child is due January 2008. I have medical insurance for myself and for the baby when they are born- but only for the first 2 months of their life.

Is there a way for me to apply for medical insurance BEFORE he/she is born so I don’t have to rush it during their first two months? He/she would be on a separate medical insurance than me. Thanks for any answers!

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8 Responses to “How do you get medical insurance for your unborn baby before they are born?”

  1. babybluebird1988 said :


  2. Opportunistic.Lover said :

    You can sign your baby up for medicaid, and it is good until they are 19 years of age. Check with your local Job & Family Services, and they can show you your options. =]]]]

  3. [email protected] said :

    IF YOU have medical insurance on yourself, while pregnant, just go to the HR dept at work, and add the child as a dependant. You can fill out the paperwork now, and when the child is born, you ask them to submit the paperwork.

    It’s no big deal. We got a medical insurance card for my son within 4 weeks of his birth.

  4. Amanda M said :

    Most likely not. Most places require registration of a live birth. It is discouraging, yes, but for purposes now the baby is “you” and afterward generally you have 30 days from birth to add, unless it is a plan that you or the father are not on at this time.

    Good luck.

  5. broken one said :

    hmm well you could try bupa i guess or just dont cut the uumbilical cord so technically the baby will still be connected to you and possibly still able to use your insurance

  6. Ayawi said :

    You can’t. An unborn child does not have the necessary documents for this to be allowed. Before you can sign up for medical insurance, the child must have the basics, a name, birthdate, and he/she will need a social security number.
    I know it is a pretty grim way to say it, but in the eyes of the government, your child isn’t real yet. There is no legal way to do it.
    One thing you can do however is get information from all of the insurance companies you are considering.
    When you find the right one, find out what you will need to have your child put on the insurance. It will make it a little easier when the time comes.

  7. cat walk said :

    Go to your Human Resource office and ask to be put on the family plan. That should take care of it.

  8. generous said :

    please try this help!


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