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How do I get on my boyfriends Medical Insurance?

My boyfriends medical insurance through work and he’s allowed to add a girlfriend that hes been dating for 6 months and we’ve been dating for a year. Hes just worried that we will need some sort of record saying that he’s my boyfriend. How would that work?

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6 Responses to “How do I get on my boyfriends Medical Insurance?”

  1. Lori S said :

    He will have to ask that question of his employer and/or insurance company. You will probably have to produce documents (utility bills, bank records) showing that you have lived together for at least 6 months.

  2. ashley h said :

    Most places you have to be married. There is no way to have proof to be honest.

  3. alias0110 said :

    No you don’t need such record. He just needs to talk to the Human Resources person at his workplace and she will give him a form so you can fill it out. The only requirement is that you share an address. They usually add you if you are a domestic partner.

  4. Insurance said :

    Your boyfriend will go to the employer and add you. However, you’ll likely have to wait for open enrollment unless you’ve just lost coverage. He doesn’t need to be “worried” about anything.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Don said :

    It sounds like your state has common law marriages. If so, when open enrollment comes around have your BF ask for an application, and a common law marriage affidavit. It will list all of the conditions necessary in your state to be considered married. Caution, there are other legal ramifications of doing this.

  6. mbrcatz17 said :

    He has to ask his HR department.


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