Questions for Americans- how much do you pay for your health insurance?

Is it through your work? And does it cover everything?

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3 Responses to “Questions for Americans- how much do you pay for your health insurance?”

  1. trouble_906 said:

    Depending on where they are, it’s somewhere between 3.30 and 6.30am in the USA right now.

    Hmmmm, you’ll probably get more answers if you try again when they’re awake.

    Edit:- And to the poster below, yep, I know that many are up on the way to work by 6.30. However, although they can all drink coffee whilst driving to work without it being potentially dangerous to other road users, I’d like to see them answering questions here, whilst driving to work.

    The fact that I’m right is shown in you being the only person to answer. Guarantee if this question is asked again now, the asker would get a lot more replies and have more information. So up yours smartie.

    I had a one week stay in hospital in San Francisco, just under observation, having fallen of my horse, and hurt my back. The only treatment I had was pain killers. The final bill agreed after negotiation between the hospital and my insurer was for $30,000. That was just for the stay in hospital. The bill for doctors was separate.

    Last year my job took me to Spain for 3 months. I had to have a scan and some tests and was in hospital for 3 days. This was in a brand new private hostpital and the fascilities were superb. The bill for the ultrasound scan was 83 euros. In the USA it would be a few hundred dollars. The blood test was 60 euros. The bill for each day in hospital was 105 euros.

    The companies that run the hospitals in the USA make annual profits around 10% of their income. Thats after charging $30,000 for a one week stay. Their wastage and mismanagement is the worst of any industry anywhere worldwide. That’s why medical insurance is so high in the USA. The private hospitals are less efficient then even the NHS.

  2. freebird said:

    Health insurance for my husband and I costs us around $350 per month. We get the insurance through his employer but we pay for it.
    Every visit to a health care provider has a co-pay, this varies depending on whether it is a specialist or not and has to be paid at the time of the visit.
    Prescriptions have co-pays of $10 – $40 dollars depending on the medication, eg, my contraception costs $25 per month.
    If we choose to go see a doctor who isn’t approved by our insurers then we have to pay 20% of the cost, the insurance picks up the rest. It’s a lousy deal but without insurance a simple blood test for rubella cost me $230 plus another $60 for the doctor.
    All in all paying National Insurance contributions is a much better deal for the patient. I would rather wait for treatment on the basis of clinical need than wait until I can afford it.

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