How does health insurance work?

Now don’t ask me why i’m asking you about this it’s just that were i come from we have to pay for each doctor services on our own. What i would like to know is how do you get health insurance what are some few basics about it and what it does do for you in the future? I would like to find out this info from you in not very long explanation. Thank you!

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  1. Peiling said:

    what’s up with the answer about bbbshoes? lol

    ok short explanation is:

    you or your employer pays a monthly premium predetermined for the policy year by the insurance company. You go to the doctor, pay your responsible part, copay or deductible after the insurancer was billed by the provider. INsuerer has a contract with providers within its network for a discount.
    There are in network providers or out of network providers. Inet will be cheaper for you of course. Future of what? as logn as you pay your premium, you will have coverage in the future too.

  2. Niel said:

    Quite simple.. they work from the money got from you people.. all health insurance company need to collect money from their policy holders.. every month policy holders have to pay some amount as insurance.. from our money they pay for our illness.. they never want to print up more..

  3. Thunderwave said:

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