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How much would we (roughly) pay for health insurance?

Adult male 40+ adult female 40+ and a 5-year old child.
No medical problems or histories if that makes any difference.
All are EU citizens …

Maybe it’s not that simple, but if I don’t ask I won’t find out 🙂
I lived in Twente back in 2000 but and remember health iunsurance as affordable (i was single then). From what I hear now prices have gone through the roof. I am considering returning but am worried about ziekenfonds costs.

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3 Responses to “How much would we (roughly) pay for health insurance?”

  1. rugratshd said :

    Can’t answer directly, but my wife and I are late 50’s and pay €1956 per year.

  2. Willeke said :

    I could not tell you, first of all because I never remember the cost, secondly because I pay for myself alone, not for a family, but internet has sites that are able to tell you.
    Here is one, enter your details and it will find an insurance company for you:

    I entered some details, just assuming your date of birth somewhere round 1969/1970, basic coverage and without physiotherapy and without dental covering.
    The results are between €192 and €220each month for the three of you.
    Conditions do apply, better coverage means higher cost.
    I guess your Dutch is good enough to fill out the form, (if not and you want help, contact me.)

    I do not get the impression I pay so much more than I used to in the old system, but the part that used to be paid by my employer is now paid to me so I have to pay it to the insurance myself, before I would not see that part of the money.

  3. u_s_s_enterprise said :

    Adult : Basic insurance is around € 95 a month per adult.
    Children under 18 are free together with a parent.

    You can insure additional cost, like extra dental work, physical therapies etc. which do add to the cost.

    If you have a basic package, with some general extras, expect to pay around € 120 a month per adult.

    Your child does need to be registered with the insurance company, but does not need to pay until reaching the age of 18.

    It does pay to ‘shop around’ with the different companies, the extras sometimes make a huge difference.


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