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How much do you pay for health insurance every month in the US ?

I am paying $280. I am single and in my twenties. A friend told its too much. Am I paying too much ?
I am paying through my employer and $280 is per month with no contribution from the employer.

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6 Responses to “How much do you pay for health insurance every month in the US ?”

  1. CHRIS J said :

    should be paying 175.00

  2. aaron_3719 said :

    that’s a lot…are you paying through your employer or just you paying?

  3. Serinity4u2find said :

    I pay $380 a month for healthcare through Pacific Source and $45 a month for dental through Advantage Dental. But I start my new job March 5th and it has full medical. When I start working I will only have to pay $100 for my insurance combined. I had to pay alot in the beginning because I had prior health problems that prevented me from getting a cheaper rate.

  4. BrownPuPPy_eyes said :

    single in my 30’s, have $7/wk deducted from paycheck comes out to $364/yr, so $280 isn’t bad at all. have friends paying over double.

  5. LYNDSEY H said :

    its ridiculous it cost you all so much money!!! the americans need a national health service like the UK , we only pay a monthly premium if we want Private care, i dont pay a penny, and the only things i pay for are prescriptions, if i broke my back 2moro it would not cost a single penny for my treatment or stay in hospital no matter how long i was there!!

  6. delight d said :

    ridiculous!! Why waste $280 when you can do with $79 ???

    get health insurance

    pre existing conditions are ok
    bluecross available
    plans from $79
    everyone approved 100%


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