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What are laxatives ?

One type of drugs that stimulate intestines is call laxatives. This substance eliminates waste. People suffering from constipation causing too little fiber in the diet, inactivity, too little water, anxiety and even certain medications usually take laxatives. There are quite a few kinds of laxatives, which works in different ways with the same result. They are bulk or fiber laxatives, cathartics or stimulants, lubricants and softeners, and salts or hyperosmotics.

High fiber laxative products such as cellulose or bran products can increase bulk by fusing with body fluids. This process produces natural intestine stimulation. One particular brand is Metamucil. Citrate of magnesia, Epsom salts or citroma draws water from the body towards the bowel to create softer mass. Fiber laxatives use the same principle; however, most people consider using hyperosmotics due to the less bloat occurrences that most people experience with fiber.

Senna, cascara and phenolphthalein are one type of laxatives that can be used for stimulating muscles in the intestine. One product under this group of laxatives is the Ex-Lax. Stool softeners lubricate and hydrate intestinal mass by making it absorb fats and fluids. Dioxin is one great example of product in this category. Lastly, the most popular lubricant laxatives are the mineral oil. Most people think that eliminating waste on the body should be on a daily basis. This may be normal for some people, but it is not definite. It is not a good idea to take laxative everyday for it may cause the body to depend completely on the drug and turns lazy and unable to eliminate waste on its own. Furthermore, food will be forced to come out from the intestines along with the minerals, vitamins, fluids and other valuable substances with the food.

Mineral oils on the other hand, deplete the body from vitamin A and D for these substances are oil soluble. After the intestines clear out all laxative substances on it, it may take quite a while for it to induce completely its natural waste eliminating properties.

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