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How a teen can loose weight and get a toned body?

I am 13 and I am going through that stage where I have a huge self image! I am 5feet 7 inches and weigh about 132. I have been eating a lot for the past 2 weeks and haven’t been getting a lot of exercise. I would really like to strengthen my legs and stomach. I dance 4 days a week so I do get exercise but my downfall is that I don’t eat breakfast. I was wondering if anyone had a good diet I know to eat fruits and vegetables but I need to loose 10 pounds quickly! Thank you to everyone who answers

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3 Responses to “How a teen can loose weight and get a toned body?”

  1. Epic said :


  2. Mystery Person said :

    Well, about breakfast, I would highly recommend you at lest eat something light, it is good to at least have something in your system to keep you brain active. Dancing is good, and I suggest you also eat organic foods, cut the fatty foods, and the bad liquids like soda pop.

  3. Sam said :

    You’re actually at about the right weight for a teen girl, so don’t stress it. But if it’s really that important to you, try running. It’s helped me lose a bunch of weight. Also, if you stress eat, or eat when you’re upset or not hungry, try to ask yourself if you really need the food or if you are just eating because you’re upset. It sounds simple, but I’ve heard it works (my cousin does it).


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