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How can i loose body fat quickly?

Im 16, 5’5 and weight around 139. It problaly doesnt sound like alot but it is. I have alot of fat but mostly belly fat. Im currently a boxer and i have been boxing for around 1 year and imma start wrestling at my school, but i want to loose some weight and drop down to 125. I eat some junk food like icream, chips like 1-2 times a week,What can i do???

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One Response to “How can i loose body fat quickly?”

  1. Laren said :

    cut out all junk me haha.

    but mostly, you should eat Grapefruit and Greentea (with nothing in it) and salad.
    just maintain a healthy diet really.
    I just started 2 weeks ago just eating those and vegetables & fruit, and I lost 7 pounds already–since i cut out ALL junk food.

    😀 hope I helped.


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