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weightwatchers or slimming world which have you found to be best ,and why?

I have put on weight again, and i cannot get back into gear, any help other than the obvious.

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14 Responses to “weightwatchers or slimming world which have you found to be best ,and why?”

  1. Rich T said :

    I have found Atkins to be the best. 5 stone loss in 3 years, and maintaining.

    Cholesterol and blood pressure both dropped.

  2. dangermouse said :

    Hi i have done both of them and found Weight Watchers to be the better, but i do recommend that you attend the meetings for at least the first 6 weeks. Good luck

  3. Josie said :

    Slimming World – I’m doing it at the mo. You can eat loads and lose weight easily and keep it off afterwards. So far today I’ve had a bowl of museli, some fruit, a HUGE pasta salad and i’ll have a huge jacket potato for my tea with veggie chilli. Its easy as there are so many ‘free’ foods, that I am never hungry and no points to count! Your allowed 5-15 syns a day and there are 10 in a bar of choccy so could have one everyday if i liked!!

  4. sam said :

    Weight Watchers is good if your working as all the food is made, you just have to pick it up no figuring out syns and what not – slimming world is nicer as you choose your dinners – can’t be doing packaged food.

    Good luck

  5. Martyn A said :

    I found LighterLife best. I lost 7 stone over a year ago and its still off.

  6. americanagirl79 said :

    weight watchers is AWESOME. You Don’t HAVE to buy prepackaged food…. they even have two different programs now… one where you count food “points” based on calories, fat and fiber up to your max pt. per day, eating WHATEVER you want to get to the max per day (not saying you should eat junk, though, but you can!) also on that plan, if you get to your max and you are still hungry, you get an extra 35 pts. to spread out over the week…not to mention if your points are gone, you can eat zero pt. veggies to your hearts content for the rest of the night. you won’t be hungry… ..and another plan where you eat from a huge allowed food list, eating until you are satisfied and then stopping. Weight Watchers is the healthy, easy way to lose weight. It’s not a DIET. It’s a Lifestyle change. You are changing/training yourself to eat healthy, and to know when you are full. With weight watchers, you’ll not only lose weight. alot of people who are diabetic have stopped needing insulin… some have high blood pressure when they start, and as they lose weight it’s not high anymore. It really is a great plan. I’ve done it, and lost 60 lbs. in 5 months in the past….One of the leaders out here has lost 95 lbs. and kept it off for 13 years now.. There’s also a women that goes to the meeting place near me who lost 263 lbs. in three years, and has kept it off over a year… and she has a sluggish thyroid. good luck to you, whichever you decide to do. I just wanted to share my opinion, because weight watchers is excellent. 🙂

  7. murphy said :

    After years of faddy and obsessive dieting including with groups I have had numerous successful weight losses and even maintained them for a while but I have always eventually put the weight back on and more.
    The only answer is do not ‘diet’ or keep weighing yourself which just emphasises your failure or lulls you into false security, and keep weighing portions etc makes you more obssessive about food.
    Stop using the word diet, reduce your intake of really unhealthy fatty foods and constantly graze through the day on sensible and healthily things so you never feel hungry between meals. Allow yourself treats like low fat youghurts with fruit and do not beat yourself up if you go out for a meal with friends now and again, just teach yourself to choose what you like off the menu but try to select wisely rather than totally deprive yourself and be a marthyr to food. Eat small portions of the naughtier things you like with the healthier foods so you are never hungry and dont feel deprived and craving for things. You’d be amazed what you can have to get the taste but still avoid the real no no’s. Go for thin but tasty gravy, roast potatoes and chips made with fry light spray, splendour instead of sugar, very thin layer of light cream cheese instead of butter in salad sandwich, allow yourself one bag of fat free crisps or one peice of chocolate a day if you have more thats fine just avoid them the next day if you can.
    This way you learn to still enjoy your food, you cannot cheat so you dont feel guilty so dont need to ‘start again’ tomorrow. You can even have chocolate, I save myself two fingers of kitkat to have at the end of each day as its my litle treat but I often dont bother. Its much easier to say no when you know you can if you want to.
    Get your family and friends to support you and the weight will come off naturally and steadilly and it will stay off. There is no reason why whole family cant eat the same as you.
    Good luck whatever you choose to do.

  8. emma m said :

    If you are a lover of food and have a big apptite I would say slimming world works best , you can eat as much free food as you want depending on what day you are on (Green or Red) with weight watchers when your points are finshed you cant ‘t eat anything!apart from the obv!,fruit etc
    I lost a stone in 7 weeks going from 10st 13 to 9st 13 and still going , Im finding it a more difficult as I love all the bad things you are not suppose to eat!!, its good to stay at the meetings for a while, you will get good tips hints and lots of recipes!!.it can cost alot at the start getting all the food mum and I started slimming world the same time as my aunty and cousin started weight watchers , my mum and I have done much better , my aunty says she feels hungry alot, make sure you do 15-30 mins of exercise a week it really helps!!

  9. Karren B said :

    My husband could never belive that I was dieting when I did Slimming World. You can eat so much once you get to grips with what you can have on what day.

    I lost 1.5 stone in about 6 months, but its like being an alcoholic its with you for life and its so hard to stick to a restricted diet for the rest of your life.

    Good Luck

  10. jescikka said :

    They are much the same as each other. Slimming world has a novel approch with the red and green days. Weight watchers has become really commercial these days. But both will support you in getting back to your ideal weigh

  11. gingersexbomb said :

    Work out your Body Mass Index using the link below. That will give you a four digit figure.

    That figure is the number of calories your body needs to eat everyday just to survive.

    In other words, if you layed in bed all day and did nothing, this is the number of calories you’d need for your vital organs to function.
    i.e. if your BMI was 1359, then your body needs a minimum of 1359 calories a day just for you to exist.

    So. if your calorie intake doesn’t exceed your BMI value, then every activity you do on a daily basis (exercising. walking, working) will come straight out of your fat stores, as your body will be deficient in calories.

    It’s simple mathematics. Good eh?

  12. Kathryn said :

    Hi, when you work out what you can eat weight watchers and slimming world work out the same – main difference is how you eat-
    if you like to eat convenience food and go out a lot then i would go for ww
    but then if you are happy to cook then i would go for sw!
    I have done SW and have lost 21lb over 12 weeks and have never once felt hungry or deprived! plus no measuring or weighing to worry about!
    although the odd week when i’ve got a few nights/meals out planned i have to admit to using the ww plan as it is easier to do eating out etc!
    both are very healthy and balanced diets and any weight loss is a fantastic way to improve you’re life!
    both also encourage excercise – swapping it for extra syns or points which is fantastic!
    go for which ever one suits you’re lifestyle and maybe go to the meetings and meet a few people and decide based on that!?

  13. jessica said :

    I have to say I love slimming world! I joined in febuary and have lost 7 stone 4 pounds! It is great, it doesn’t even feel like you are dieting, it just becomes a way of life and it really really works!

  14. Amy said :

    I did Weight Watchers 3 years ago- I only had a small amount to lose then (less than a stone) and I lost it within about 6 weeks so I was happy with that, but I felt hungry ALL of the time and I hated the point counting! It is not a sustainable way of eating, I know many people that have been unable to maintain the weight lost through Weight Watchers.

    I started Slimming World 9 weeks ago and have lost almost 1 and a half stone (still have just over a stone to go) on the Extra Easy plan. This is a much better and more flexible way of eating and I am never hungry. I can see myself following this plan beyond reaching my target weight and I know people who have been maintaining (or still losing!) after they have reached their target.

    In conclusion Weight Watchers will mean that you are hungry and miserable and if you don’t stick to it you will put all the weight back on plus more. (Saying that I think they have started a new plan where they have just copied the Slimming World way!)


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