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ways to loose weight … extras, like kicking your legs or simple excersizes?

would like to loose about 5 more lb and wondering if anyone new of any good ways to do this , quickly and effectively , i have hit a sudden plateau, i am currently 16 and 89lb 5’3

ahh i no !

but is there any good little tips how to loose but them extra lb !
natasha do you no what that diet is .. its a ana diet did you no this ? and i have tried it but i have hit a plateau from it now , and it doesnt work very well whenyou stop it !

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2 Responses to “ways to loose weight … extras, like kicking your legs or simple excersizes?”

  1. Natasha said :

    When you are at school/work you should kick your legs if you sit down a lot under the desk aslong as you don’t get funny looks from people 🙂

    You can try the 2468 diet.
    You it 200 calories one day 400 the next, then 600 and then 800. I don’t know if it works but I’ve seen people on other forums who said it works wonders.


  2. NYCTAXIMAN said :

    A good balance diet and exercise is the key.

    If you belong to a local gym. Try taking some SPIN or kickboxing classes. They burn lots of calories. Also do some weights to balance the cardio workout. If you don’t belong to a gym try riding a bike outdoors.



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