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How to loose weight quickly (like 20 pounds by Easter)?

Alright, my sister …ok, ok, it’s me. I’m 180lbs. Not too big, but heavier than I want to be. I want to weigh 120 by summer ( is that too much) But I want to loose like 20 lbs by my birthday. (again, is that too much?)

I was my ideal weight when I was younger, but as the years went on the schoolwork became harder and stress adds on pounds, right? So now, I want to enter my senior year looking like I want to, 120lbs. And I know that it is a lot of weight, but I’ll be working a lot of it off in Band Camp over the summer. I really want to drop those 20 and be a little healthier and more conditioned for the fall season and sports (At my school, on homecoming, the girls play football and the guys cheer, just the night before the big game).

So can anyone help me out? My mom and I are on a mission. She just bought a bike (stationary), a mini trampoline, and some weights. And please do remember that it’s almost finals and I have no job, so nothing too expensive or that will make my hair fall out (don’t ask!)

Thanks in advance!

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2 Responses to “How to loose weight quickly (like 20 pounds by Easter)?”

  1. Cassie T said :

    WAY too much. Weight loss should be done gradually. Losing weight fast is extremely unhealthy. It may damage your immune system, your bone strength, etc.

    You don’t mention how tall you are. Get on Google and type in “BMI calculator.” A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 25 and it will suggest to you what a healthy weight range may be for your height. Aim to be within that range.

    Eat healthy, and exercise. That is the only way to lose weight and keep it off without damaging your body. Talk to your doctor about how you might set up a diet that will be beneficial to you.

  2. Darcy M said :

    Eat home cooked chicken, fish, salad and vegetables only. Reward yourself with 1 meal a week of whatever. This will make it easier to stick to the diet. This along with regular exercise should do the trick. I was able to lose 40lbs in 3 months doing this. Good luck!!


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