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Tips for getting rid of those cravings?

I am making the best effort at changing my diet to lose weight and get fit. Im doing well but everyday I get these really bad cravings for sugary food and I could do well and leave out all bad foods etc and then end up completely piggin out at the weekend or something.
so does any one have any ideas that can help me beat the cravings?

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5 Responses to “Tips for getting rid of those cravings?”

  1. Radioactivv said :

    Try chewing gum.

  2. Haegr said :

    Just eat some chocolate. Duh?

  3. Robert g said :

    try cleaning your teeth, when you get will keep your breath sweet as you diet, and help your teeth, it works give it a go…rob

  4. J♥K♥M said :

    Don’t deny yourself those cravings and you won’t end up pigging out. If you want sugary food bad, then eat a cup of non-fat greek yogurt with a little honey drizzled on it and a cup of fresh blackberries or whatever berry you prefer. Sweet and healthy. If you want salty, eat some garlic stuffed green olives. Very healthy fat in those. Crunchy? But some baked chips, air popped popcorn, or celery dipped in a veggie dip. Also celery with reduced fat peanut butter is a good sweet/crunchy combo. I also like Weight Watchers desserts and 100 calorie packs. They have alot of different ice cream/frozen treats. As well as cookies and sweets in the dry section. They are made with artificial sweeteners, but sugar is pretty bad for you in itself, so I’m not too worried about Splenda! Which has never caused harm to humans in 20 years worth of studies in Canada and the U.S.!!!!

  5. Averie said :

    Anyone trying to lost weight fast should look into the Acai Berry. It is one of the most nutritional foods on earth. The high vitamins and anti-oxidents in Acai contributes to rapid weight loss.


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