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they number on the scale has gone up but my mum says i have lost weight. whats going on?

most of the time i will vomit out my food. for example last night i had chicken sandwich with tomato. i ate and vomited it out the minuit i finished eating. yesterday when i weighed myself i was 132lbs and today i was 165lbs. might it be water retention? my mum said that i have lost weight but that’s not what the scale says (she said she can tell from my face).
oops. i meant 135lms

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6 Responses to “they number on the scale has gone up but my mum says i have lost weight. whats going on?”

  1. fixer29 said:

    I have no idea how you managed that, but there is no way you put on 33lbs in one day from water retention. that would be like 26 pints of water you would have had to have drunk without going to the toilet.

    Maybe it is just your scales are broken?

    Also vomiting is bad for your teeth. so if you really insist on doing it make sure you brush your teeth after every time.

  2. mkatm1 said:

    Muscle weighs more than fat so you could have just built up more muscle recently.

  3. Mel said:

    Are you sure the scales are accurate? Check with some books or electronic equipment that you *know* the weight of. That’s a big difference and is not easily accounted for by water retention. What’s probably happened is you’ve lost water which shows up in your face, hence why you look thinner.

    What’s going on? You need to see a doctor is what’s going on. Vomiting will destroy your teeth and esophagus, and you risk organ failure and a possible heart attack from electrolyte imbalance. Did you know that when you puke, over 30% of the food you eat remains in your stomach, which is then digested as per usual? It doesn’t matter how quickly you throw up or how much time you spend at it, you’ll never, ever get it all out.

    Seriously – get help. You’re not going to loose any significant weight this way, and you’re destroying your body in the process.

  4. been there and smarter now said:

    If you’re vomiting out after eating you have an eating disorder, and should learn not to do that by talking with a counselor, doctor, or therapist.
    Now to answer your question, when ever people diet, the first place you will never notice but others will, is in the face and shoulders. Scales will always lie, because your body weight bounces daily and several times a day due to water, lactic acid in the muscles, and the amount of food you’ve eaten.
    The golden rule for proper dieting is to make a fist, compare what you’re eating to the size of your fist, and only eat that much at one sitting. Go sparingly on bananas, but eat lots of citrus fruits, and vegetables, and limit the red meat to once a week. Try using ground turkey instead, and the best protein to weight ratio in meats is dark meat turkey, dark meat chicken, salt water fish, red meat steaks not hamburger meat(which has added fat), and pork tenderloin in that order.
    The constant vomiting will erode the esaphagus and eventually cause a hyernia to the diaphram, plus the acid will eventually erode the enamal on the teeth cause tooth decay and gum disease.

  5. Mumsey said:

    I don’t agree with putting so much importance on the scales – it is how you look and feel that matters more. Maybe if you measured yourself it would help.
    Take more notice of your mum – I think you will find she is on your side.

  6. Angel Barbie said:

    if you are vomiting you will get a lot of rebound fluid retention and bloated face from enlarged parroted glands. you need to see your GP and get some help. did you know you can totally wreck the balance of your electrolytes by vomiting regularly and end up with heart failure from potassium deficiency. please see your GP and at least get your electrolytes checked by a blood test. you also risk a lot of tooth decay from enamel erosion etc. please seek help you obviously need it…Eating disorders kill people and ruins lives… I KNOW!


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