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How to lose weight with a under active thyroid?

I walk on the treadmill every night, eat sensibly, take my medicine as prescribed, but the scale never seems to move. Most of my weight is in my tummy but it’s next to impossbile for me to do situps. I’m very toned everywhere else. My doctor says I need to lose 30 pounds but nothing I’ve tried succeeds. HELP

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight with a under active thyroid?”

  1. pamela d said :

    well my thyroid is over active and lm so very thin. but what you should do is go for lots of walks and do alot of workouts as well. you should lose a few pounds

  2. Bleu said :

    sit straight up in a chair and do leg ups. it will work the bottom half of your abs. you can also do a technique called “the plank” which tones the stomach.
    Good luck!

  3. DNA said :

    You need to have the first thing in the morning TSH around 1.0 or it will be extremely difficult to lose weight. Also you need at least midrange free t3 levels. Most of the time we are given a T4 med for hypothyridism with the idea that we will convert t4 into T3. The problem is many of us are poor converters. Doctors don’t know this because they rarely do a free t3 test.

    I’ve been where you are. I got my first thing in the morning TSH around 1.0 and I still could not lose weight. I then got on a T4/T3 medication (Armour) hoping that would help, but it didn’t, though I did feel 100% better with this med change.

    The next thing I did was get tested for insulin resistance by having a fasting insulin and glucose test. The weight gain from the hypothyroidism caused me to get insulin resistance. I got put on Metformin ER and began to lose a little weight with diet and exercise. So far, I’ve lost 30 pounds with 20 more to go. Below is a link to a thyrid exercise forum in case you are interested.

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