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does a manual treadmill help lose weight fast?

do they help lose weight just as fast and effectively as a electric or running on the sidewalk? and how much weight will I lose if i run on the tread everyday for 30 days while on a diet? Im planning on getting one monday and starting t new diet that day as well. JUST water, salad, veggies, some fruits, etc.

thank you 🙂

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3 Responses to “does a manual treadmill help lose weight fast?”

  1. Clayton Van March said :

    It’ll help.

    But if you want quick weight loss, you need to burn A LOT of calories.

  2. TIMOTHY said :

    Just like any other exercise device you have to use it. You cannot just buy one put in your room and expect results. And you cannot lose weight fast unless you become ill for some reason. I got a infection on my leg went to hospital had to change my life style i was a beer drinker had to stop i went from 225lbs. to 155lbs. in four weeks infection cleared up started drinking beer weight came back. no secret just eat less and move more but to keep it off the way you live has to change.

  3. Cat Sume said :

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