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fast way to lose weight through medicine?

Hi , due to a sudden change of plans , i will be getting married in January 2007, as a result i now have to lose about 10 – 15 kgs. I reside in India and live a busy life. i would highly appreciate it if some one could prescribe any medicine available in India that would help me get rid of this weight fast without any side effects. I dont have time to go to the gymn but do situps every day. Please help me , i dont wanna look like a hippo in my pretty white wedding dress.

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5 Responses to “fast way to lose weight through medicine?”

  1. ilovepink said :

    theres this girl who took diet pills and she almost died. i suggest just eat right

  2. CL said :

    people need to start understanding that a “magic pill” doesnt exist. It’s all in your head –
    Calories in < Calories out. Weight management is all about energy balance. Decrease how much food you eat - walk and exercise more.

  3. Lizy said :

    well, try to wake up early and go for a nice run, i love doing that and i am 14

  4. yollakoreh said :

    You can make a lowcarb diet, i.e. Atkins or south beach. they are on the internet. and after a while if you get sick of all the meat. Try staying on raw vegetables, nuts and fruits and nothing else except coffee/tea. this makes you lose weight with out the chemicals.

  5. Curt said :

    You could try Meridia. It worked for me, but I hated the side effects — especially the dry mouth. It also raises blood pressure. I actually don’t recommend it, but it may work better for you.


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