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Question about getting fit and building muscle?

I wanna have a body like Bruce Lee or Tony Jaa but I have a pretty flabby chest and stomach at the moment. Will using “IncrediCleanse” at help? But I heard using it could make you lose muscle, is that true?

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2 Responses to “Question about getting fit and building muscle?”

  1. Francine said :

    The best way to lose stomach flab is to use the special formula acai berry colon cleanse used by many tv stars. It is guaranteed not to make you lose muscle, but to lose stomach flab. Check out my blog

  2. izzy said :

    No, and according to McAfee the site is known for phishing, so don’t go there.

    It appears to be a colon cleanse and as the colon is self cleansing all you will do is get diarrhoea and end up dehydrated and with your electrolytes out of kilter. Also such stuff upsets the delicate balance of flora in the gut.

    It will not give you a body like Bruce Lee.
    Apparently he worked hard with no expensive equipment either.
    There are sites and diets online, but most are marketing something so I will not post links. Use your search engine.

  3. Ugg Boots said :

    That’s Ok.


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