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Need six pack and body fat loss?

Need six pack and body fat loss?
ok i know this is impossible to a very slim chance but can i reduce my body fat percentage from 15,5% t0 12% in seven days to show my six pack please help me i have an hour in the gym from monday to friday by the way im 15 and weigh 115 and i am 5,2 inches

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3 Responses to “Need six pack and body fat loss?”

  1. dytrid71 said :

    Your right that is impossible. The only things you can do is not eat small meals so your stomarch doesnt bloat and do loads of situps

  2. Matt S said :

    There is a very remote chance that 12% bodyfat will show a six pack. You’re likely to need to drop down to 8% or below to see the abs with any kind of definiton, but if you are going to do it at all, here is your plan of action.

    Do cardio in the fat burning range for 30 minutes first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. It’s VERY important to do this on a completely empty stomach so your body has no choice but to burn fat instead of getting energy from your breakfast or other food. You’ll have to figure out your fat burning range on your own depending on your age(220-ageX80%) is your target heart rate. about 1/2 hour AFTER your cardio is done, eat a small breakfast, and then eat another small meal every 2-3 hours for the rest of the day. I’d suggest these meals be low carb, low fat, high protien type of meals (50% carbs, 5% fat, 45% protein). Based on your weight, you should be aiming for about 1650 calories a day, so if you do 6 meals a day…well actually they’d be more like 6 snacks, of about 275 calories each. This means your daily carb intake should be about 205g of carbs, daily fat intake should be about 9g of fat, and daily protein intake should be about 185g of proteins. You can split those up any way you want over the 6 meals/snacks, but the more you cheat, the less likely you’ll make your goal. It’s important to make sure to eat smaller amounts every 2-3 hours because it will assist in speeding up your metabolism.

    ALSO, it’s important to drink water, LOTS of it. Two cups of water with each snack would be good. And you must cut out all soft drinks, coffee, etc. if you have any drinks at all, make sure it is water.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Timmo said :

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